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Verified Reviews for Battles Poultry Drink - 500ml

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Poultry drink - An Omleteer,

I am very happy with this product. I have used it now for one week and I can really see a difference. The hens' feathers are shinier. it definitely made a difference. Thank you.

Battles Poultry Drink - An Omleteer,

Really good product, i have used it on my Hens who are moulting to give extra vitamins. The have it in their first feed of the day, layer pellets with half a cap full of Poultry drink and some hot water.

Fantastic tonic - An Omleteer,

This is so good, in a matter of weeks my hens had a full coat of feathers again as they were ex-battery hens. They all have fantastic coats and look great and they love it. I either add it to the water, or to the food pellets which I add water too as well, they seem to love it that way.

Great boost for our ex bats - An Omleteer,

In addition to changes to their diet and lifestyle now being free range this seemed to help give our girls a boost when they first arrived. I use it during their moult and if they seem to need a pick me up. They seem to like it too. I prefer this to the poultry spice as I find it easy to give them in their drinking water (I make a mash if I'm giving them poultry spice).

Chicken Tonic - An Omleteer,

Difficult to say but they appear to like it and certainly drink it and look perkier.

Wiinter Boost - An Omleteer,

I noticed this being used at a poultry show recently. It seemed to me that if breeders and show-ers thought this useful to keep their birds in tip top condition, particularly when mixing with so many others, that it would be good for my girls. I introduced it when i got my new girls and they seem to enjoy the taste!

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