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Smells lovely! - Angela,

Well, the chickens seem to like it and their poo doesn't smell as bad as I seem to remember it doing. I think the pot will go quite far, we only use a couple of tablespoons a week and it seems to be enough.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2010



Verified Purchase: Aug 2010

very strong - Debbie,

My girls don't like it, they won't eat food if powder is in it.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2010

Brilliant! - Hazel,

I TOTALLY under estimated how smelly chicken poo would be and boy, did i get a shock- it hums to high heaven!! I bought the garlic powder after reading all the reviews and I'm pleased to report that it does work really well. The results were apparent after just a day or two and I will definitely continue to use it in the future. Do the girls like it?? Who cares - just as long as I can clean out their coop without gagging. Thanks Omlet!

Chicken garlic - An Omleteer,

Arrived quickly. No fuss ordering. Did'nt realize it would be so sticky, Chicken like it .

Verified Purchase: Dec 2009

Not sure this is good for your hens. - An Omleteer,

Well I got this on the strength of the reviews here, but it has not been a sucess for me. To start with this is garlic powder for horses so there is no information on quantities (so I relied on what it said above 1 tbl spn / feeder). It also turns out that garlic bread smells nice for a change, being in close proximity to garlic on a regular basis is not a pleasent experience (it is very clawing). However I could have put up with all of that if it were not for the fact that as soon as it was added to the food for my hens they stopped laying. So I have 3 young black rock hybrids, and only two of them were laying, however from the day after the garlic went into their food until 2 days after I stopped using the garlic, there were no eggs.Maybe it is the age of the hens, maybe the timing was just coincidence, but I will stick to daily cleaning rather than not have eggs.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2009

Chicken poo - An Omleteer,

I have been adding this for 2 weeks and now the bottom of my garden smells like a french restaurant serving snails! I suppose it is a better smell than the poo.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2018

Garlic powder - An Omleteer,

Too early to say if it works. Chickens seem to like it, but i'm afraid i don't!! The smell is so strong i have to ask my son to put it in the feeder and if you get it on your hands!! but if the chickens like it and it works we will carry on using it.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2009

EXCELLENT - An Omleteer,

On the package it says for horses give one tablespoon, my chickens are a little smaller, but none the less this is good stuff.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2016

Garlic Powder - An Omleteer,

The girls eat it mashed in their food and appear to like it. Time will tell if it does them any good.

Verified Purchase: May 2009

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