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Verified Reviews for Higher Nature Citricidal - 45ml

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Worth a try, but didn't work for us - Alex,

Bought this as a couple of our chickens were sneezing/coughing. Added Citricidal to their water for several weeks, and sadly no change. That said, it's not done them any harm, and they still look healthy otherwise, so don't regret trying it.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

ok - Debbie,

I was giving this to my birds, however one of my ducks caught a cold and it never helped what so ever and she is now in duck heaven. The farm took her back and done the deed as she was really poorly. Other birds are doing really well.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2010

Fast postage - Vicky,

Really fast postage. My hens have been sneezy since i got them. I've been using this in their water, and after about 2 weeks, they are a lot less sneezy now. Whether it's this stuff or not, I'll never know!

Verified Purchase: May 2010

Citricidal - An Omleteer,

Have been using this since getting first chickens 4 years ago. Not sure whether it works but they seem to keep fairly healthy with a few drops added to their water especially in winter. Lasts for ages.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2019

Citricidal - An Omleteer,

Jury is still out on this product. Was hoping for a rapid improvement but still waiting.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2009

citracidal - An Omleteer,

Not really sure if this is any good, as i was given it to help with what turned out ot be a fairly serious virus, so obviously wasn't going to help that. however i used it in drinking water generally, and have used it as antiseptic cleaner for the house too!

has helped a bit I think - An Omleteer,

I got this for my hens who had sniffles, and I do think it's helped a bit, but they don't seem to like it, they let themselves get really thirsty waiting to be let out to freerange and then spend the freeranging time drinking out of any puddles they can find! Their runny noses do seem a bit better, but they're still sneezing a little bit.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2009

Citricidal - An Omleteer,

Bought to help chickens with respiratory problems, seemed to help initially but now have another one with same problem and this one is not responding.

Verified Purchase: May 2009