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Verified Reviews for Higher Nature Citricidal - 45ml

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Didnt make the slightest difference to my chickens cold like symptoms - Kenneth,

Not much else i can say, I was looking for a natural remedy for cold like symptoms in one of my chickens and introduction of this product into the drinking water has not made any difference, it may be that whatever is wrong with my chickens is just not treatable by this product unfortunately.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2011

Great Stuff - Beare,

My four new chickens got the sniffles just couple days after I got them. This Grapefruit extract seems to have helped clear their colds very quickly. I now use it regularly in their water.

Citricidal - Pamela,

Excellent product, recommended by Barbara at Omlet, who has given me excellent help & advice. Thank you

Verified Purchase: Jun 2013

4 stars - Sharon,

I am new to hen rearing & this product was recommended to me, a natural ingredient which is does what it says!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2011

Seems fine - Gina,

I added this to the chickens water as recomended and they drank it and didn't get any colds or sneezes despite the very cold weather, but perhaps they wouldn't have anyway. They definitely prefer their water with Poultry Cider Vinegar added though, so I think I will keep this to treat any sniffles should they occur.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2012

Citricidal 45ml - anti viral - Pam,

I purchased a bottle of Citricidal and as my chooks seemed under the weather and had lost a lot of feathers in the winter instead of the summer. I was concerned also as they had stopped laying eggs and looked rather sorry for themselves. After putting Citricidal in their drinking water for a couple of weeks and Poultry Spice in with their food they seemed to perk up very quickly and have gone from strength to strength. They now look the picture of health with lovely feathers. In fact they look better now than ever.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2019

seems to have worked - Alison,

Bought this as two of my three hens had colds- snotty nostrils that everything stuck to! The colds have gone since adding product to their daily water. Coincidence? Not sure, but I'm still adding it to the water. They don't seem to mind the taste.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2019

fast postage, eggscellent product - Susan,

One of our new hens had a runny nose and was a bit under the weather. Gave them all Citricidal and within days all was well. Hens didn't seem to mind the taste.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2010

doesn't seem to have cured the sniffles - Mel,

<i>Omlet - Thank you for taking the time to write your review. I'm sorry that you were unhappy with the citricidal. We'll be in touch shortly. </i>

Verified Purchase: Aug 2019

eggcellent - Shaun,

Cleared our chickens up in no time. Happy eyes and no more sneezing WE LOVE OUR GIRLS.

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