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Verified Reviews for Battles Poultry Cider Vinegar - 1L

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Cider Vinegar - Claire, Cumbria,

I always use this in my girls water, I use it twice a week in their fresh water. They love it. Keeps them healthy.

Good - Claire, Cumbria,

Good stuff (I use organic ACV myself every day and I know the benefits it brings to me so makes sense to supply to my girls as well). Only feedback is it’s tricky to pour out without spilling some.

Battles Poultry Cider Vinegar - Wray, Cumbria,

Chickens like this, gradually increased the strength over a few days and they took to it fine.

essential for healthy hens - Elsa, Cumbria,

I found this product to be exactly has described, thought it was fairly well priced and is essential for the general health of hens.

Good digestive aid - Vanessa, Cumbria,

Good addition to diet to keep the girls healthy.

gt - Rona, Cumbria,

gt product

Good - Gillian, Cumbria,

Used to use an organic apple cider vinigar but switched to this and the chickens still seem to like it. I dont give it all the time though.

Follow up - Gina, Cumbria,

Still pleased with this, but having had a few problems with the quality of egg shells more recently, I have been advised by experienced poultry keepers not to use this all the time, but to add it to the drinking water approx 1 week out of four.

My girls love this! - Gina, Cumbria,

Originally I was using citricidal in the girls water, however, I bought this, on recommendation from members of my poultry forum, and the girls seem to prefer it. I was advised to buy poultry cider vinegar, rather than the refined version, and to use it all the time, but at a lower dose after the first week or so. I have also added some to the water when cleaning the eglu and it seems to do the job really well. A big thumbs up from us!

cider vinegar - John, Cumbria,

a good product i tend to put mine in a rabbit bottle as not to waste it the chucks seem to like it cause they keep going back for more but they have a choice now water or cider water

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