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Verified Reviews for Verm-X Herbal Pellets for Chickens 250g

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fantastic!! - Tina,

I have been buying verm-x for the last six years. I would like to reasure all those that are not sure If this works. Believe me it does. It's highly effective Against internal parasites and worms. I have got a couple Of sikies who are always picking up slugs and snails, one of which ended up off her legs for a few days, I gave her larger dose of verm-x and she's back to running about. As silkies are more prone to picking nasties,I have For the last few months increased the dose, the chickens are great,and,no more problems, would highly recommend!!! Thankyou verm-x.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2016

so easy to use. - Susan,

I have used this product before. It is so easy to use. On the first of the month, then for two more days, I mix it with a little sweetcorn & pasta & my girls lap it up, so I know that they are taking their doses. I have never seen any worms. Coincidence or Verm-X? Who knows...but better safe than sorry & if it keeps my girls healthy, I'll carry on using it!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2015

Effective and Yummy - Apparently! - Heather,

Verm-X has been a very helpful product for me. My hens came to me quite wormy. I have been using the product now for 3 months and they are officially worm free thanks to a worm count. I was worried they would not like the pellets but I feed them with a little bit of olive oil with their normal feed and they have always eaten them all up.

Seem to be good - Jane,

My three hens eat these pellets with gusto. I've no idea if they work but as far as I can tell, there are no worms around to date.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

But do they work? - Pete,

My hens like these, but maybe just because they add a nice green speckle to the bland uniform grey/brown Omlet food (mine are grass lovers!). It remains to be seen if they work, but so far, so good.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2013

good product - Lisa,

good product, easy to use and hens ate pellets well. Arrived quickly, no problems.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2012

The chickens loved them - Phil,

I bought these Verm-X herbal pellets because my 8 chickens hadn't been wormed since I bought them 12 months ago and one had developed a squeaky cough, although she was fine in herself. They loved them & I had to spread them out well to make sure everyone had their fair share. I gave them a double dose as it said on the box that I could. The squeak had gone by the end of the course. It's now 2 weeks on & the squeak has started to come back. I've got enough pellets for a few months, though, so hopefully it'll clear for good after the next course of treatment.

Verified Purchase: May 2012

Good - Jill,

Seems effective and easy to use

Verified Purchase: Mar 2012

Very good quick delivery - Alan,

Does what it says on the package.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2011

Herbal chicken pellets - Paula,

Very good product. Arrived when promised.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2011

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