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Verified Reviews for Verm-X Herbal Pellets for Chickens 250g

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Verm - X - An Omleteer,

Too soon to tell if this is working. One of the hens still has loose droppings even after using this. No scoop with 250gram bag and a bit fiddly to weigh out 7.5 grams.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2012

Verm-X - An Omleteer,

I found these pellets very easy to use, they smell great and my girls were quite happy to eat them all up with no subterfuge necessary.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2009

Fab product, does the trick - An Omleteer,

One of my girls had an upset tum, to put it politely, within 2 days of having this in her mash all was back to normal. It also made both my girls' poo smell of chives, which I think is a bonus!!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Suspicious Hens! - An Omleteer,

I'm sure this will help my chooks if only I can trick them in to eating it! I've tried to feed them it by hand but they drop it on the floor and seem uninterested. So I've mixed it in with the corn and hope for the best.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2014

Offer it Neat - An Omleteer,

This is a great product but, like a previous reviewer, I found that the chooks weren't interested in eating it in their food (they free range mostly anyhow). However, they were delighted to accept it from my hand, which ensured they were treated - give that a try if all else fails.

Verm x does it - An Omleteer,

It worked a treat for me or more... for my chooks... one of them I think had worms, and verm x cleared it right away.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Verm X - An Omleteer,

The bantams won't eat it, i mixed it with mashed potato and still they are not keen. But i will continue to try each month as recommended. However, I think i have the best worm free rats in the neighbourhood as they loved it.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2009

Verm-X - An Omleteer,

Excellent natural wormer. Worked a treat

Verified Purchase: May 2012

vermex powder - An Omleteer,

Great. Obviously palatable and very easy to give to them. Hope i remember to do it next month and the month after

Verified Purchase: Sep 2011

Verm-X - An Omleteer,

Much happier using this product than chemicals and it appears to work just as well

Verified Purchase: May 2016

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