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Verified Reviews for Verm-X Herbal Pellets for Chickens 250g

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Verm-X for chickens - An Omleteer,

Wasn't sure that my hen had worms, but seemed to have all the symptoms so tried this Verm-X. Dosed for 3 days, but can't say either of my hens liked it very much. In the end, I hid some inside some grapes which was a real pain, but at least I knew she'd had her dose then. Anyway, a week or so later, her appetite is back, she's cheekily jumping onto the top of the eglu run like she used to, and, best of all, her poos are no longer runny and smelly. Success, I think!

Verified Purchase: Nov 2016

Verm-x for chickens - An Omleteer,

Excellent product, the chickens actually enjoy eating the wormer!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2013


What a fabulous product! My girls ate this with gusto within a few moments of putting it out- Easy to measure and straight forawrd to understand the instructions- I will not be fearful of over-dosing or measuring wormer again! Great product for anybody with a few hens or who was wary that the their girls wouldn't get the correct dosage if using a soluble wormer... :)

Verified Purchase: May 2009

Verm-X - An Omleteer,

This product is very easy to use and 3 days every month keeps my chickens healthy. Also you can keep eating the eggs and I prefer natural products

Verified Purchase: Sep 2011

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