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Verified Reviews for Verm-X Herbal Liquid for Chickens 250ml

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Oregano oil is better. - Christina,

Being a health therapist, I can attest that this product has all the right herbs in it. As to whether or not they are in the correct proportions, I'm not sure. It needs to be administered once a month rather than once every six months, so that is a downside. I tried soaking some bread in it, but the girls didn't eat the bread, so I put it in the water. However, when putting in the correct amount, they really didn't like it. They only drank it when it was more diluted. I would actually recommend a good quality oregano oil. Oregano is a good all round antiviral and antibacterial and I have read sources that organic chicken farmers swear by it for the overall health of their flocks. It is easier to deal with and also smells a lot nicer!

Verified Purchase: Jul 2018

Excellent item - Lorraine,

Easy to use, great instructions and the cap is a measuring cup

Verified Purchase: Jan 2012

Good results - Sue,

Very good product and got good results. Also service from Omlet superb.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2014

Easy to use - Cathie,

Very easy to use and you can be sure all the girls are getting their dose.!

Verified Purchase: Feb 2008