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Verified Reviews for Vitamins & Tonics for Chickens

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Excellent - Munira,

Really good product after a week really noticed a difference in my girls ..they are eating more and pooing better.. They like the water more than they ever did! It's always empty now! It seems to have boosted egg production and egg size! Will be purchasing again!
Review for: Orego-Stim Avian Complete - 500ml

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Good - Michael,

I'm Using in the water of my 3 eglu pens. (2 cubes, 1 classic? ) Sadly, 1 hen died before the Citricidal could do her any good. The remainder (8) look and appear well.
Review for: Higher Nature Citricidal - 45ml

Verified Purchase: Sep 2013

Be More Selective - Richard, West Sussex,

its enticing to opt for just such a starter pack when you're new to chicken-keeping, but there's some stuff in here that you probably don't really need or can be substituted with common household alternatives you already have. We have also found that grit and a grit station are ignored by your chickens if you let them out of the run most of the time.
Review for: Chicken Keeping Ultimate Starter Pack

Verified Purchase: Nov 2014

Great - Lisa,

Our girls love this in their feed as a pick me up. It definitely makes a difference and smells lovely!
Review for: Battles Poultry Spice - 450g

Verified Purchase: Aug 2016

Worth a try, but didn't work for us - Alex,

Bought this as a couple of our chickens were sneezing/coughing. Added Citricidal to their water for several weeks, and sadly no change. That said, it's not done them any harm, and they still look healthy otherwise, so don't regret trying it.
Review for: Higher Nature Citricidal - 45ml

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Eggcellent....(groan!) - Sarah,

I keep ex-bats and simply added this to my girls' feed and noticed that the incidence of soft-shelled eggs has decreased so it's definitely making a difference. The ex-bat pellets I feed them should contain everything they need but it doesn't hurt to give them a little boost!
Review for: Equimins Egg Shell Improver 500g

Verified Purchase: Jul 2013

Just the job - Suzanne,

All you need in the first few weeks.
Review for: Chicken Keeping Basic Starter Pack

Verified Purchase: Nov 2013

Eggscellent! - Antonia,

I got this because three of my four girls got a cold. They were sneezing, coughing and had stopped laying. I added this to their water and it really did the job, it was slow going and took over a month, but worked, they were also laying again after about three weeks. I now just add a little poultry cider vinegar to their water. But I know what to give them if they get another cold!
Review for: Higher Nature Citricidal - 45ml

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Great - Ally,

I have to say the nutri drops really work , gave some to one of my chicken's that was becoming weak and off colour and after a day she was back to her perky self , it was great and I would recommend Nettex poultry nutri drops to any one with chicken's
Review for: Nettex Poultry Nutri Drops - Fast Acting

Verified Purchase: Jun 2013

Excellent - Sarah,

Very easy to manage, beautiful chickens and plenty of eggs. For a novice chicken lover, perfect and thoroughly recommended.
Review for: Chicken Keeping Basic Starter Pack

Verified Purchase: Jul 2018

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