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My 2 rabbits love this enclosure! - Valerie,

It’s spacious & protects them from Melbourne’s extreme weather! Assembly is difficult, the you tube video was a great help

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Ollie loves it! - Tori,

My rabbit has been so happy since he got his new hutch ????

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Rabbit home - Kate,

Pleased with the product. Definitely worth watching the YouTube video on how to construct it while you're actually doing. So easy to clean the rabbits out now and they love hopping around. My only negative is the water bottle, as others have said. It had completely emptied of water within a couple of hours of set up and so had soaked all the bedding, which needed replacing straight away. Luckily we had two bottles from our old hutch. Other that that, we love it.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Everything is great but a faulty bottle - Courtney,

After managing to building the hutch (3 people and 2 days - not the easiest task) I am really happy with the hutch and have no regrets buying it whatsoever. I have a very happy rabbit and I know he will be very safe in there. My one downside is that I have a faulty bottle which half empties leaving a wetpatch in the bedding. Apart from this I am really pleased.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Eglu Hutch for Mr Chippy - Cassandra, VIC,

We kept looking for a hutch for our bunny Mr Chippy. We kept coming back to the Eglu Hutch with a 2m run. We are delighted with the purchase and so is Mr Chippy. He would be able to come in the house but it was a risky business with a dog, cat and a puppy. He still comes in but he seems very happy with his hutch. He will bounce up to you for a pat but bounce back into his hutch when he's had enough. It was well worth the investment and we are very happy with the Hutch.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Nice product - Lynn,

As we are not very hands on we goggled and found a very good you tube video on how to put this together It took a while but we were very pleased with result. We use it for 3 medium size lop bunnies they seem very happy with their new home. From a humans point of view it’s very pleasing to look at in the garden easy to clean out. You have to make sure the hutch is on level ground or the back door sticks won’t open very well how many people have really level lawns well we don’t! I find the hutch too small to shut at night so leave it open as my bunnies like to play and come out at night natural for bunnies to do. So won’t shut the door anyway but it handy to shut bunnies in run when cleaning. In the very cold winter months my lops live indoors. So won’t be using it all year round. I do not use the inside hay rack or water bottle as it gets in the way and you can’t see if the water runs out . All in all I’m very happy with the run and hutch and we plan to get the adjoining tunnels too So our bunnies can run & play.

Rabbits love it - Sue,

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Best Rabbit Hutch - Tara,

This is the most well thought out animal enclosure that I have seen. Every pain point I've experienced with other hutches has been addressed. My rabbits are so much happier and healthier since we moved to the omlet rabbit hutch. I have saved heaps on food and litter since making the switch and my animals have a better quality of life. Wish I had purchased the omlet hutch sooner.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Happy Rabbit! - Joy,

Jinja Rabbit lives loose in the garden, and had access to a hutch if she wanted to shelter. Typically the wooden hutch was rotting and not very cosy when the weather is bad. Jinja liked to chew it too! She really needed something better as we are having wetter and windier weather nowadays.The Eglu Go hutch is perfect for her to hop in and out of whenever she wants to and she seems to like it, often just sitting in the doorway. The only problem really is that there isn't enough room to put a litter tray in the house if the rabbit uses one.....which she does. The hutch was not too difficult to put together, with the help of the utube video. It would have been easier with 2 people though.The run was a nightmare, and I almost wished I hadn't bought it, as I only really need to shut Jinja in when I go away. The clips are easy to put on, but difficult to get off when you have made a mistake! I couldn't get the hang of the double clips at all! Overall....a great buy and looks good in the garden too

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Great product. - Jean,

As we expected the quality of the product is great. The only negative is buying the 3 meter run did add complexity in the installation as there was no clear instructions on installing it and we only worked it out by doing a google search. My recommendation to Omlet is please number each part so that it is clear which part goes ware especially for the run. What was 2 hours took 4 hours due to lack of clear instructions. The rear door does also catch a bit when opening.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

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