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Happy bunnies happy owner - Ange,

Very pleased with bunnies ate their previous wooden hutch within 2 years ! Waste of money ! They love their new lodgings as do I ,they ate free to roam around the run and I am happy they are safe and stimulated .We previously let them roam the garden but they ate everything and started on the neighbours gardens
Review for: Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch with 2m Run Package - Green

Our bunny likes it! - Liz,

It looks great, it is weather-proof, fox proof and dog proof. It is easy to clean, although my son is only just, after 4 years, big enough to to man handle the top by himself. The issue we have is that it has been difficult to really bond with our bunny. If he doesn't want to come out and play it is very difficult to get at him in the run as the door is so small. On balance we feel that a wooden hutch would have been better for getting at him for cuddling and playing.
Review for: Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch with 2m Run Package - Green

Verified Purchase: May 2012

disappointed - Jenni,

I received it today and my two rabbits seem to like it a lot but I am initially quite disappointed. 1. For the money, I would expect it to be in perfect condition. However, it is scuffed, with scratch marks and a couple of parts are already rusting. 2. It states on the website that it comes with a litre bottle but the one in my parcel is only 600ml. 3. It states that it can be put together in 20 minutes ..... Mnnnnn. 4. The parts don't generally move very easily, it took me five minutes to get the locking bar into the hole - it would not go in easily at all!
Review for: Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch with 2m Run Package - Purple

Verified Purchase: Jan 2018

Slightly disappointed but rabbits happy! - An Omleteer,

I have always liked the idea of the Eglu from the design perspective but also because of the space and safety it provides for the animals. I am happy with the eglu on these points and would recommend the product on this basis but with one major factor which lets it down. In a nutshell the item is cumbersome and difficult to move. I alone put the rabbits out and need to move the run around the lawn. I think someone else has mentioned the lack of a handle and the sheer weight of the eglu and I agree with them. I had thought it would be like a Playmobil hollow plastic but it was so heavy I couldn't even lift it from my path where the delivery man had left it (!) to my back garden without great difficulty and a mounting sense of dread ("What have I done" etc). I had to call the Omlet office as my parcel had been damaged and items missing, they were v helpful and efficient and I did mention the handle/weight issue at the time. The clips for the assembly of the run are quite stiff (and numerous)and as I have aarthitic fingers I had to wait for my husband to put it together.
Review for: Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch with 2m Run Package - Purple

Verified Purchase: Nov 2009