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Verified Reviews for Heavy Duty Cover for Eglu Classic - Full Length

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- Lisa, Cheshire,

I am using the cover for a three storey hutch for my Guinea Pigs, I am really impressed with the quality and thickness, it was all I could find to cover the hutch and it's really doing the job!

Does the job. - Mary, Cheshire,

Needed to protect my rabbits from rain & too much sun. The full length heavy duty cover does the job beautifully. I would recommend buying this if you own an Eglu classic.

Cover and feeding - Maxine, Cheshire,

Perfect cover for my chickens: it is secure on run we have had terrible weather and this had been perfect for my chickens . Food and water bowls attach on to run no mess and chickens can't knock over. Very happy!

Great cover - Lorna, Cheshire,

I bought this to cover the eglu run during the bird flu restrictions. It is heavy, strong and does the job perfectly

Great value for money. - Diane, Cheshire,

Excellent product, good value for money.

Cover for Eglu with 1 metre extension. - Anthony, Cheshire,

I use this cover to protect my chickens from the elements both in the winter and summer. Ideally I need a cover which is rectangular at least a metre wide and 2 metres in length. The Classic fulfils most of the requirement albeit tapering at one end as it is originally designed for the Eglu Model Classic, mine is the larger cube model.

Heavy duty cover for Eglu Classic - Alison, Cheshire,

This cover is light years better than the previous one, being longer and sturdier; it reaches from pop-hole to cage entrance. So even when free-ranging, the chooks always have somewhere to shelter. I use it together with the cold weather jacket for the Eglu, and it keeps my girls snug and dry. It attaches firmly and doesn't blow off in a gale. Note: I use a few clothes pegs to clip any loose parts to the cage. I have no hesitation in recommending this product.

Wish I'd bought this size before - Toadflax, Cheshire,

I've had an Eglu for 10 years now and up to now had a messy jigsaw of Omlet run covers. This one covers the full length of the original run and gives lots of weather protection. Seems much more plasticky than the old ones which is less desirable but just looks so much better.

heavy duty cover for Eglu classic full lenghth - Debra, Cheshire,

we bought this for our chicken to keep her warm and dry.We are very happy with the cover and we have a very happy chicken too.

Excellent - Karen, Cheshire,

Good sturdy product perfect to keep my girls happy and well protected.

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