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very good -

I find that my chucks are enjoying the extra cover when it is raining hard or to protect themselves from excessive sun. The chucks are appreciative of it.

Great shade and rain protection -

We've had our chickens for 2 weeks now, and this full length shade has provided good protection during some fairly strong rain showers. Equally, it has given good shade on some very hot days. It fits a 2 meter run perfectly and is made of a good, heavy material. Good purchase.

Perfect -

It's perfect for a 2m run. Keeps the worst of the weather off, and blocks off the sight of passing hawks. Makes my chickens quite happy

Fab! -

So pleased I got this before all the really bad weather set in, as it's very hard wearing, and twice as strong as my old cover.

Good rain cover -

I bought this to cover our own home-made run and although our run is not same as the Omlet one this is designed for, it has been great at protecting from all the recent rain. I like the heavy quality of the cover and the bungees are easy to hook and unhook as needed.

It's ok BUT -

Very well made cover. Easy to fit, neat and tidy, but during this very windy and wet weather I have had to put over the top the original plastic sheeting I had and which I pegged down with the screw pegs which are wonderful. Your cover does not reach the bottom of the run so the wind and rain still howls through.

Good shelter from wind and rain -

This is a very strong efficient shelter from stormy weather and I'm sure will provide shade in summer

good quality product -

very happy with this rain cover - seems good quality fabric and fastenings. Has so far stayed put in some very high winds!

Great product thanks. -

Arrived quickly and was as specified on the website. Could be a little larger so it completely covered both sides of the run, but perhaps it is this size for a chicken-friendly reason?

Bungee straps not so good -

I received my full length cover this week. Last night I attempted to attach it as I could see the rain coming. The first bungee strap I used 'ping-ed' out of the plastic hook slinging itself into my thumb nail! This rendered me unable to attach the rest of the clips last night and disappointed that the product broke so easily. Good job there's more than 1 bungee in the pack. Quality of the cover appears to be very good, durable, but will be put to test in the snow!

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