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Reviews for Heavy Duty Cover for Eglu Classic - Full Length

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Great product thanks. -

Arrived quickly and was as specified on the website. Could be a little larger so it completely covered both sides of the run, but perhaps it is this size for a chicken-friendly reason?

Bungee straps not so good -

I received my full length cover this week. Last night I attempted to attach it as I could see the rain coming. The first bungee strap I used 'ping-ed' out of the plastic hook slinging itself into my thumb nail! This rendered me unable to attach the rest of the clips last night and disappointed that the product broke so easily. Good job there's more than 1 bungee in the pack. Quality of the cover appears to be very good, durable, but will be put to test in the snow!

Excellent...finally!! -

We have had our Eglu 6 years now, and cannot fault the cage at all. It has moved house with us twice and been so easy to put back together. However we found we were buying new rain covers for the run every winter as they were going brittle, fading and ripping every year! We bought this heavy duty cover and are so so impressed!! It's made of much thicker material that looks like it's going to last a lifetime (or at least a rabbit's lifetime!) another bonus is that it actually covers the length of the run, which helps us as our dozy rabbits used to sit at the very end where the old cover wouldn't reach. We just fold this one back on sunny days. Well done Omlet, another brilliant product!

Great value for money -

It's great keeps the sun and rain off you pets. Fits great. Nice and thick cover. Well pleased .

Excellent - Monmouthshire,

Easy to use, versatile and tough. I've used these covers on many different types of run as both sun and rain protection.

Great -

I have previously covered the run with items such as tarpaulin, but could never secure it enough and it did not keep the chickens cool in summer. The omlet cover does fit perfectly the full length of the run and has seemed to have made the hens very happy, giving them plenty of cool shade in the very hot sunny weather and plenty of shelter in the rain. The hens have never happily spent so much time in their run even though they are not locked in. The bungees secure the cover very nicely and prevent it from flapping around in the wind. I would recommend this to anyone.

Does what it says! -

Very useful item as it can be used to protect your chickens from Rain, Wind, Sun and Snow - so far we have used ours to protect them from Rain and Very hot sun! Easy to use and store. Only downside - feel it's slightly expensive for what it is!

Excellent product - Aveyron,

The cover fits very well and has been a boon during this long winter. Only one criticism - the small ring that secures the ends of the elastics to the bungee hook, is not strong enough - a couple have just popped off and I have had to knot the elastics, which shortens them. Perhaps a strong staple would work better.

Much better made than the last one! -

The material has changed to a thicker gauge, which hopefully means we won't end up with a shredded mess of nylon in 18 months like we did with the last one. All the usual stuf was fine (delivery etc.)

far superior to previous eglu cover -

Mu previous green eglu cover from omlet only lasted 18 months before splitting but this one seems to be made of much sterner stuff. Much better quality and hopefully will last longer than the prevous one.

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