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Reviews for Heavy Duty Cover for Eglu Classic - Full Length

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excellent for purpose -

service communication and delivery excellent

excellent for purpose -

service communication and delivery excellent

just the job -

much stronger than previous two covers.

Good quality -

This is a heavy duty cover which i suspect will last for years and gives a good amount of shade in the run

Worth buying -

This is much stronger than the cover that comes with the eglu and run and covers the length of the run. Great for keeping the ground and chickens dry and protection from the wind.

A good product -

The cover does exactly the job it's meant for. It is easy to fit, too.

Much stronger than the old one -

We'll see how this one lasts but it seems much stronger and thicker material than the previous one, that was torn to shreds after a couple of years.

Full length cover -

Great improvement on the original cover, which has only lasted 18 months. Withstanding the current bad wet and windy weather.

Withstood a hurricaine! -

I had just put the cover on, and within 24 hours we were hit with 120 mph winds. We lost some slate and a piece of fence, but the heavy duty cover remained intact and unmoved by the whole experience. Amazing!

brilliant product -

much stronger than the last one i had, this should really keep the wind and rain out.

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