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Verified Reviews for Extreme Temperature Blanket for Eglu Go Hutch Blue

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Snug - Julie, East Ayrshire,

Yet another cold snap before May with threatened snow, and I thought I’d better buy this for the young bunnies. It comes vacuum packed, and expands rapidly to full size once you cut open the packet. It took a little wrestling with the fitted corners to get them to fit under the Go. The strap end goes towards the back door and you just remove the tray to click the clasp into place. Even though my Go is fitted to a walk in cage, rather than a straight run, the bungees attached moderately easily to the wire (although I’ll have to check for gnawing). In winter the cage is staying on paving, so I’ve stuck a piece of thin insulation board under the tray. There doesn’t seem to be any trouble pulling back the blanket to operate the doors at either end. Great idea. 2