Reviews for Summer Shade for Eglu Go and Classic - Half Length

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Great shade cloth -

The shade cloth fits our hutch really well and does provide great protection. We found that it only lasted 6 months in our harsh sun though.

Eglu Go 2Mtr run with Sun Shade -

Great, well constructed products. Would highly recommend. All the products were tested on animals with no complaints :))


Lovely tidy little shade that I use over the food/water end of my run plus extension. I have found it adequate in winter too, combined with the long clear plastic eglu run cover.

Does a good job -

Good product. Keeps the chickens shaded or dry depending on the weather. Fits the Eglu Classic run perfectly.

Lasted 3 years - only just replaced - Derbyshire,

Our original shade was 3 years old and only just needed replacing as becoming a little bit frayed. We keep it permanently attached across the run, over-lapping the edge of the Eglu Go, to offer wind protection around the coop door. Well worth the money.

A replacement for the original supplied with my 'Go' -

Stil the same good quality with prompt delivery,thank you.

old eglu now looking very smart -

Honey and Babs very pleased with their sun and rain shade!

Just right -

This suited my purpose as a bit of protection against the elements.

Very good -

My last shade lasted about eight years so was well overdue. This one looks like the same quality

perfect revamp - North Somerset,

buying this new shade gave a whole new look to my eglu go with run. It made it look brand new again and the girls loved it too :)

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