Reviews for Hay Rack to Fit 600ml Water Bottle (Bottle not included)

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Hay rack and bottle. -

Bought these to convert my eglu go for my guinea pigs. Very useful addition. Although I think the metal bars in the hay rack could be a little closer together. But does the job!

Excellent Product -

Bought this for our guinea pigs do solve a water bottle leakage problem ( the one hanging on the outside of the cage was dripping out onto the floor) so with this hay rack any drips are absorbed into the bedding. Guinea pigs always use their hay racks in my experience so it was an excellent solution to my problem with the added extra of being a hay rack!

great, durable and attractive -

This hay rack is strong, durable and looks good.

Hay rack - helps keep the cage clean but hardly used by my bunnies -

When I bought my cage pre-loved the owners didn't include the hay rack. I asked why and they said that their bunnies didn't use it so they'd given theirs away. I bought a replacement and have found that my bunnies hardly use it either. I think it's a great idea however to have it in the hutch, especially during the summer as it helps keep the cage clean and easier to keep the flies away. Then the buns can pick at it when they want. They have lots of other things to nibble on and are rescues - they didn't have hay provided in their first home appallingly - so that might explain why they don't use it a lot however.

hay rack for eglu classic -

I have used these with my cages for my guinea pigs.good size hayrack ,easy to use

Hay rack -

Overall a great piece of kit for our rabbit eglu does as you would expect and is a good hay rack

RE - Not sure its needed -

A very good idea - but your rabbits won't be hard done by without one.

Does what it says on the tin -

Does what it says on the tin, well designed

Hay Rack - An Omleteer,

I think this is a good product. I keep my rabbits in a adapted chicken coop (no mesh) and this was the perfect solution that I could just fix onto the inside.

Hay Rack - An Omleteer,

To be honest, I'm not overly impressed. It doesn't hang straight and the rabbit prefers to eat his hay from his bowl. So for me, it was a waste of money.