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Reviews for Pillow Wad Mini-Bale Barley Straw Large 2kg

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My chickens love this straw! - Kent,

My Speckled Sussex trio of chickens absolutely love their pillow wad straw. They insist on sleeping in it at night though they are now 18 weeks old as when I try to take it away from their roosting box in their Cube2 they protest and fuss until I put some back into the corner! Downstairs, they love a layer of it over their Auboise in their run as they scratch in it on a normal day and sit in it on a rainy day. I find it smells lovely, has really low dust generation, and is absorbent bedding. I am a fan! Thank you.


Good dust free straw

Quail love it - CLEVELAND,

I put some in the nest boxes, they don't lay eggs in it, but lie down in it on a night, helps to keep them warn, no dust, bale is packed solid , will last me ages. Won't hesitste to buy again.

super soft and dust free -

Really couldn't wish for a softer or sweeter smelling straw, if I was smaller I'd get in the hutch with my rabbits.