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Reviews for Snugglesafe Microwave Heatpad with Cover - Paw Design

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absolutely love -

My 12 week old chick was attacked by the bigger girls and so now lives on her own in her very own eglu Classic. This heat pad has been a godsend, she waits for me to put it in her house every night and peace of mind for me as I know she is snug.

Excellent -

I am so glad that I bought this product. It gives me peace of mind that my 4bantams can snuggle up with the pad and that the warmth lasts most of the night. It's been a godsend during the very cold weather we have had recently.

Excellent at keeping the girls warm. -

Bought one heatpad for each of my girls as a Christmas present. The girls wait at the coop door for me to bring them out on an evening. The girls enjoy them on cold winter nights.


We purchased this for our hen house, but our elderly cat just loves it and snuggles up against every night.

Excellent -

My girls are kept lovely and cosy with the heatpad. It does get very hot straight out of the microwave but it keeps the girls cosy till morning time.

Brilliant! -

We bought this for our 6+ year old bunny who lives in a hutch outside. She loves it, and makes a bee-line for it when we put it under the straw in her hutch at night. I'm going to buy another for an elderly poorly cat that we're going to foster, I think it'll be lovely to warm her creaky bones :o)

Easy to use -

Hoping that it takes the edge off the icy cold nights.

Fantastic - does exactly what it says it does! -

I love this heat pad. It is easy to use - just microwave it. It releases heat slowly and evenly. My cats love it.

barabara was most impressed -

have only tried this once so far just really to test out ready for the minus 13 of last year!! Barbara was most impressed even more so as margo had no idea what babs was sat on. they normally both snuggle in together when it is cold but on this night they slept apart. (my hens wont roost they prefer cosy straw beds!) Any way, shove it in microwave, heat it up, Bob's your uncle. Wont need to worry about frozen chickens.

A life saver! -

I orderd this for my poorly hen. I placed it in a box coverd in straw and placed her on top. She looked lovely and cosy. I have even tried it out myself (minus the straw and box) and it really does stay warm for that long.

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