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Verified Reviews for Eglu Classic Converter Kit - Chicken to Rabbit - Green

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Good value & easy to fit. - Mary,

Bought an Eglu cube chicken coop as I wanted more hens. Saw the converter kit & now my rabbits have a fabulous new home! The Eglu classic has been given a new lease of life instead of sitting empty behind the shed. Very easy to fit, very easy to keep clean. Very happy rabbits. Thank you Omlet.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Great product--highly recommended! - Norrie, Lancashire,

We converted our Eglu Classic, that we had previously used for hens, so that we could use it to house a rabbit that had been dumped in our garden. It arrived very promptly, was quite easy to assemble and is a great success with the rabbit--he loves being able to nibble the grass in the run, he has plenty of room to skip about and has lovely warm, straw filled sleeping quarters. The hay rack, water bottle and food dish are very well thought out. It is so much better than a conventional rabbit hutch: there is so little cleaning to do, he does not do his droppings or urine inside the house so we just pull the Eglu and run every other day onto a fresh patch of grass and sweep up the droppings. The only thing missing was the booklet on looking after rabbits--a chicken booklet had been sent instead.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021

Omlet Says: Thank you very much for your review! I am sorry about this booklet mistake. Please feel free to contact customer services if needed and we'll be happy to send you the Rabbit Hutch booklet.

Excellent - Joan,

Very easy to convert from chicken to rabbit will keep my Grandaughter rabbit very happy

Verified Purchase: Dec 2017

Lovely home for guinea pigs - George,

This converter kit was very easy to use and the Guinea Pigs love it compared to the wooden outdoor cage they had before.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2013

Excellent! - Zoe,

Having upgraded my chickens to a cube enabled me to provide a safe and secure outdoor pad for our indoor bunny. The driver even did the conversion for me in minutes! It is very easy to clean. We now have a very happy rabbit enjoying a little of what the outdoors has to offer. Thank you.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2019