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Potentially very good but has pit falls - Ian,

Initially this was fabulous. However with the length of the run it's very difficult to clean the run, not the pod. Also the bunnies keep chewing the bungee clips to secure the cover. I would still recommend thus product but it's still got room for improvements.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2013

Our Bunnies love this - Richard,

The extending warren adds a new dimension to our bunnies run, they seem to have great fun running through and hopping over their new toy!

Verified Purchase: May 2013

Extending Bunny Warren - Katharine,

Aston Martin adores his tunnel! Along with other 'toys' in his Eglu run, he plays with this all day.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2012

no good for nibblers - Jacqueline,

I thought this was a great idea for making my guinea pigs lives more interesting. They certainly enjoyed playing & sleeping in it. Unfortunately, within a day they had also nibbled several holes in it, which is not very healthy for them. Not tough enough.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2018

Rabbits love it!! - Claire,

My rabbits all started using it straight away especially as a shelter from the rain. I have used one as a tunnel from their indoor to their outdoor run.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

Love it!! - Claire,

Had a bit of a panic thinking one of my rabbits had got out of the garden. Searched under all the bushes and everywhere I could think of. Finally realised she was asleep in her tunnel!! They both love it so much I am going to have to buy another.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

waterproof tunnel - Chaire,

Bunnies seem to like it and the added bonus is it's waterproof so will last!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

bunny warren - An Omleteer,

I thought it would be a little bit longer.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2009

Extending Bunny Warren - An Omleteer,

Fantastic product and connected to the Bunny Interchange makes a great hideaway for the buns. I usually find them asleep in there. Highly recommend this product.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2009