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Fun and exercise in one go. - Susie, Bedfordshire,

My girls absolutely love this, i fill it with natures grub fruit and berry treat mix or meal worms and sunflower hearts. One of them kicks it around the run whilst the others chase after it picking up all the treats. Beware though, my clever girls have worked out how to completely open it into two halves to get all the treats at once, equally as amusing to watch it happen.

Chicken play ball - Marie,

My chickens love this toy I fill it with grain. It took them about 10 seconds to work out how it works. It alsomakes them work for their treats .

Toy Food Ball - Shari,

My chickens absolutely love this, they use their heads and their feet. So j=much fun to watch. Highly recommend this to other people and chickens.

Brilliant - Joanne,

Brilliant toy/feeder. Hens soon recognize it and come flying over. Use it to round up the hens to put in their enclosure for when the dog goes out. Easy to clean and use and the hens love it.

Brilliant! - Lynn, Cornwall,

I just love this! Luckily, so do my girls! No teaching required, they "got it" from Day One. The daily ritual of "who wants corn?" keeps us all amused for hours! Easy to fill, easy to clean and easy to find in the run! Brilliant!

great toy - Gillian, Somerset,

Our very smart girl, Nuggett, figured this out quickly and loves it! Lots of enjoyment moving the ball around. great idea if you are going to be out for a while, keeps them amused - well until the corn runs out!

- Joan,

Chickens like the ball, think the holes could be a little smaller tho, as limited to what you can put in it.

- Joan,

Chickens like the ball, think the holes could be a little smaller tho, as limited to what you can put in it.

very good - Rob,

I have not seen it in action as it is a christmas present. However it was very well packaged and looks good.

great for engaging your thinking hens - Nicola, Bristol,

It did not take long for the boldest hen to realise that this was a source of extra treats, even less time for her pals to learn from her example. This is low-cost high-return enrichment "toy" for our hens. It is easy to keep clean and robust. The elastic will eventually perish, but at this price it will be affordable to replace.

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