If you don't like traditional smokers this is the modern alternative - liquid smoke. It works in the same way as the smoker, making bees calm when you are working with them, but you simply spray the solution. You will receive 250ml of concentrated liquid smoke in this bottle, which can be poured into a trigger sprayer and topped up with water.

The concentrate needs to be diluted as follows: 1 part concentrate to 20 parts water. This should be enough for up to 9 refills of the trigger sprayer, which will last around a year of beekeeping.

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Preferred to over traditional smoker - Emma, 3 July 2012

We have recently started beekeeping, and I opted for this product, but my husband has persued the traditional smoker option. I'm normally out and about ready to inspect the bees by the time he's lit his smoker, and if not carefully placed, you end up getting a face full of smoke which can almost literally end in tears. There have been times where the smoker has either died down or gone out when we need it most, so in that respect I'd go for liquid smoke any day. It also seems to work just as quick as the smoker, but perhaps lasts a little longer as it evaporates rather than instantly dissipates. I'm all for tradition, but give this modern twist a chance.

does the job - Sophiemanners, 8 October 2011

We have not used alternative products so have no comparison but have found that this product does the job and are happy with our purchase.

Liquid concentrate - Sue, 14 May 2011

I misunderstood how this product worked - I have a traditional wooden hive so am not happy spraying a wet solution onto the wood and also I do not want to wet my bees with the solution. I thought the liquid concentrate was going to produce 'smoke' once mixed with water but sadly this wasn't so. I can however see it may be better used on the plastic 'Omlet' hives. The liquid concentrate certainly smells like smoke though! I will be interested to hear of any other bee keepers experience with this product.

Not as successful as real smoker, but less hassle - Stark, 21 April 2011

I have tried it once, it did not seem to move the bees down into the frames as quickly as real smoke. But it is a lot less hassle than lighting a smoker and relighting it once it has gone out before you have finished your inspection of your hives.

Love the concept but bees don't seem to be playing ball - Jeremy, 17 October 2010

I have used liquid smoke on 7 hives for a few weeks now. Six of the hives need minimal smoke or no smoke as the bees are really kind bees. The seventh hive is populated with the nastiest bunch you will ever meet and are a challenge. On this hive I usually use some smoke, I have switched to liquid smoke and it seems to irritate them. I'm still using it but deep down I think it doesn't work. But as I don't end up smelling like a kipper I am persevering with liquid smoke.