Stainless Steel Smoker

Stainless Steel Smoker

Easy to open smoker

Easy to open smoker

A handy tool for every beekeeper!

A handy tool for every beekeeper!

Bee Smoker

Bee Smoker

It has been known since ancient times that smoke has a calming effect on bees. Guard bees and bees that are injured during a hive inspection release pheromones to send signals to the other bees to warn them of danger, but the smoke masks these chemicals, disrupting the colony's defensive response.

The smoke has another effect on the bees too - it causes a feeding response. This is because if the bees think there is a fire they will plan to leave the hive and they want to stock up on food first. When a bee eats honey its abdomen swells which makes it difficult for it to sting.

You should puff a little smoke around the entrance to the hive about 5-10 minutes before you open it. This starts the fire drill and they will hopefully be full of honey and unable to sting when you open the hive. Once inside the hive - you should smoke a little on the tops of the frames as you inspect the colony.

This traditional smoker is a stainless steel container with bellows attached in which you light a small fire. You can burn a variety of materials such as dried leaves, cardboard or tightly packed dry grass but it is important that the smoke is cold and does not burn the bees.

This smoker has a diameter of 10cm and has a protection frame.

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Not as image suggested - Pia, 1 June 2013

This is a perfectly decent smoker but i ordered it in preference to othrs vecause the photograph showed the bellows part to be bright yellow. I was very disappointed to open the box to find a grey version, and by omlet customer services response which was to say they had simply run out of the yellow colour - no apology. Still, they have now changed the image and it does now reflect the actual product

Omlet Says: Hello, it's Stephanie from Omlet. Thank you for your review, your feedback is really important to us. I'm sorry you were disappointed with your Stainless Steel Smoker. Unfortunately, the yellow version has been discontinued and there was a delay in replacing the website image. I hope you are happy with the results of the Smoker nonetheless. Thank you.

Great and as recommended... - Sara, 8 May 2012

This is based on the Etna design and was recommended by the chairman of our Beekeeping Association. It is easy to light, producing cool smoke, a handy hook on the front and safety cage to prevent burns. A hook on the back or on bellows would be helpful? Not sure how long the fabric on the bellows will last, not sure whether it is it leather?

Perfect - Stewart, 25 July 2011

Initially used a hand sprayer with liquid smoke, we have found our stainless steel smoker to be perfect.

Bee smoker - Brenda, 13 June 2011

A very solid smoker that works very well.

Excellent - Nick, 1 June 2010

This is an essential part of kit ,well made and up to the job at a very good price.