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Using only the finest ingredients and unique Monoforage® technology, Supreme Science has created Fibafirst®, a premium high fibre diet that satisfies the natural, nutritional and physiological needs of your guinea pigs.

It is vital that guinea pigs are able to forage and chew to satisfy their natural feeding behaviour. With longer fibre particles provided using Monoforage technology, Fibafirst will help to extend your guinea pig's feeding time, promoting dental health and digestive wellbeing. Fibafirst also enhances your small furries' environmental enrichment.

Composition: Timothy hay, alfalfa stalks, ground peas, soybean flour, wheat flour, locust bean meal, flaked oats, alfalfa protein extract, linseed, soya oil, salt, dicalcium phosphate.

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Weight: 0.480 kg

Height: 20 cm

Width: 18 cm

Length: 12 cm

Brand: Supreme Petfoods (11 Products)