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Weight: 5.985 kg

Height: 20 cm

Width: 61 cm

Length: 63 cm

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Perfect! -

Apart from having a struggle to put the cage together, when it was finished we were very impressed. Just love the seed and water unit and it really does stop all the husks from dropping onto the cage floor - just wish there was something to do the same for millet :-) Our budgies love it too.

Palatial Pad -

What a feast for the eyes! Not your ordinary run of the mill bird's cage, an architectural delight. On saying that it is extremely fit for purpose as it caters for the smaller birds brilliantly.

Excellent product - Middlesex,

I assembled the cage with my 6 and 9 year old boys, which they enjoyed - we watched the "how to assemble video" on the web and followed the plans within the assembly manual. They assembled about two thirds of the cage, with me checking instructions and doing a little. I also purchased the tall stand and most of the optional accessories, which were also fitted. My 6 year old built the stand, which is nice and solid. I was a little worried of how well the two budgies would take to the new cage. To my surprise they were suddenly much more active and social. They do fly short distances within the cage and seem very content. I had seen all the debate around people not liking round cages, but this is a big cage and the birds have definitely taken to it. They like flying around the room and returning to the sides of the cage, eventually returning within. The feeder and drinks are well thought out, remaining clean. The doors are securely closed and can't be tampered by the birds intent on playing. The dirt stays within the cage, which is a pleasant change from the traditional cages with their "debris splatter zone". Despite the round design, the bars are a standard width and can easily accommodate the usual 3rd party perches, toys, food treats, etc. I like the night cover for the cage, which helps prevent late night activities from impacting the birds too much. The bath and mirror seems to be their current favourite spot to hang out. Not so much playing with the mirror, but just resting around and within the dry bath. Overall the birds are happy, they are definitely more active and are enjoying the environment. The fact that the perches swing adds a little more dynamic to the birds, who seem to like this. There is ample room within the cage for the birds to hang out together or take time to themselves. The cage also looks very good and is easy to clean.

I decided to get my birds because of this cage! -

My mom had birds for years and the one thing I’ve always hated about caged pets is the unattractive and inconvenient cages. This cage is absolutely beautiful. It has become a piece in my home just as art on the wall or furniture that I love. I bought my 2 finches and they seemed to be filled with delight when they moved into their Omlet cage! I could tell right away that they have more room to flap around. The love the feeder too actually. My only criticism which is very small, is that they seem frustrated seeing the food from the clear container but not able to access it. They figured it out but I do think they would have adjusted to the feeder faster if the top of the food/water vessels weren’t see through! That said, they seems to love the feeder now, and fight over the favourite “spot” instead of taking one place each haha Love love love it!

Geo Bird Cage -

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cage! And honestly, so does our little canary. The cage is so beautiful and well designed. Even the packaging was impressive. The quality is great! We are complete 100% thrilled with our purchase.