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Andrea, Lancs,
Quality product which the love
Review for: The Chicken Swing
Chicken Swing
This is very well made but my bantams haven’t got on too well yet.They tried it but as yet not a major love affair.I haven’t given up though.
Review for: The Chicken Swing
Great fun for the ladies!
I like to keep my hens occupied. When I saw the chicken swing I just had to have one! The ladies love it! They can jump quite high, so have no problem getting on & off it. They look so funny swinging away in the sunshine. They thoroughly enjoy using it. Definitely money well spent. I would recommend it to anyone with hens.
Review for: The Chicken Swing
only have 1 chicken and I am sure she uses it but isn't really aware of it
Review for: The Chicken Swing
Stupid people
I haven't bought the swing yet but I can't help but laugh at these people's reviews. Giving less than 5 stars because their chickens haven't used the product is like down grading a dog toy because the dog isn't interested in the toy
Review for: The Chicken Swing
Chooks love it, relieves boredom. Seem very happy on the swing. Very well made.
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Chicken Olympics
I bought the Omlet swing as something that I thought the chickens would have fun with, they do but not as a swing - they think it is a hurdle! We have lowered the height but they still jump over and not on!
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Great Service
I don’t have any photos of the chicken swing in action as it was a Christmas gift for my brothers family. I do have to say though, what a wonderful online service you provide because I ordered this product VERY close to Christmas and I was worried it wouldn’t arrive early enough to put under the Christmas tree. Thanks to you, it took only 2 days from ordering to being delivered to my address and I had 4 days to wrap it and put it under the tree. We are very happy customers!! THANK YOU XX
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Loved by chickens.
Two often try and get on at same time.
Review for: The Chicken Swing
Not a real success story
As far as our Silky Bantams go this was not the toy for them; we tried different heights from 100mm to 600mm all to no avail. We have perches that are graduated from ground level up to 800mm and they use these a lot of the time.
Review for: The Chicken Swing
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