Caddi Guinea Pig Treat Holder

Keep food off the ground and entertain your guinea pigs at the same time with the new Caddi Guinea Pig Treat Holder from Omlet. The ideal way to feed fresh fruit and vegetables to your guinea pigs, the Caddi Treat Holder keeps food off the ground which is healthier for your pets, improves run cleanliness, reduces food wastage and keeps pests away. It also makes an excellent guinea pig hay feeder. As an added benefit your cavies will enjoy the fun and interactive experience of foraging their treats from the gently swinging guinea pig feeder. It’s practical too, thanks to it’s adjustable nylon string and handy plastic hook the Caddi can be hung from any guinea pig run or enclosure including Omlet’s popular Outdoor Guinea Pig Run.

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Caddi Guinea Pig Treat Holder
Caddi Guinea Pig Treat Holder
Caddi Guinea Pig Treat Holder - Twin Pack
Caddi Guinea Pig Treat Holder - Twin Pack
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Two guinea pigs in an Eglu Go run with a Caddi Guinea Pig Feeder full of fresh food You can feed a wide variety of food and treats to your guinea pigs using the Caddi Treat Holder

The Caddi is great for feeding your guinea pigs all kinds of food including fresh vegetables like carrots and broccoli and it also makes an ideal guinea pig hay feeder. Unlike a traditional guinea pig food bowl, it keeps the food elevated from the floor which is not only tidy and practical but it’s the cleanest and healthiest way to feed your pets. The Caddi measures a generous 20cm top to bottom and 8cm across. It is made from heavy duty welded steel with a waterproof rain cap.

A guinea pig eating fresh food from the Caddi feeder The Caddi Guinea Pig Feeder as viewed through Omlet's Zippi Guinea Pig Tunnel

With the Caddi Treat Holder feeding time can be a great source of entertainment for your guinea pigs and enriches their environment. The feeder gently swings as the food is consumed, creating a fun and engaging challenge for your cavies. It is also a fun way for children to feed and interact with their pets as they can easily fill and hang the feeder.

"The Caddi saves any wastage as it keeps all the fruit and veg fresh and off the ground. It's such a versatile product and so affordable."

A woman filling the caddi guinea pig feeder with fresh food next to an Eglu Go guinea pig hutch and run The Caddi can be hung in any run or wooden hutch and makes a great guinea pig hay feeder

The nylon string is adjustable in length so that you can hang the Caddi Treat Holder from any type of guinea pig run, wooden guinea pig hutch, the Outdoor Guinea Pig Run or any of Omlet’s Eglu Guinea Pig Runs. The plastic hook means it is quick and straightforward to detach the feeder for cleaning and refilling.

A beige guinea pig eats some fruit from the Caddi guinea pig feeder With the Caddi it is easy to feed your guinea pigs a balanced diet that contains plenty of vitamin C

The Caddi Treat Holder provides an easy way for you to increase the variety of food that you give to your guinea pigs. It’s very important to give your guinea pigs a balanced diet each day that contains plenty of vitamin C to help them maintain their activity levels and dental health. The design of the Caddi is suitable for nearly all types of food including hay and the increased dietary variety will help to improve your guinea pig’s general health and vitality.

Visit the Omlet Guide to Keeping Guinea Pigs for advice and suggestions on what types of food you should give to your guinea pig.

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