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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions shall apply to all transactions with Omlet. Please read them carefully before placing your order and print a copy for future reference. Please note that in these terms and conditions "you", "your", "yours" and "yourself" are references to any person ordering goods from the website, and "we", “us”, "our" and "ours" are references to Omlet.

No part of these terms affect your statutory rights.

1 Notification of changes

1.1 We may change these terms and conditions from time to time without notice. Any changes will apply to subsequent orders.

2 Orders

2.1 To place an order for any goods you must either:

  • Follow the procedures set out on the Omlet website.
  • Speak to an Omlet representative by calling us at the number below.
  • Place your order with a third-party sales partner such as Amazon.

2.2 Each order shall be an offer by you to purchase goods or services subject to these terms and conditions.

2.3 By placing an order with Omlet you acknowledge that you are obligated to pay in full for the goods or services ordered once you have submitted your order.

2.4 All prices are displayed in UK pounds sterling unless stated otherwise.

2.5 It is your responsibility to ensure that all details you provide to Omlet are true and accurate, including any information saved on our systems used in processing your order. You can update this information by logging into your account. Omlet is not liable for any loss or inconvenience you incur directly or indirectly by incorrect information that you have provided to us.

2.6 In the event that you use PayPal as your payment method, you must ensure that all information on your PayPal account is true and accurate as this may be used for the processing and delivery of your order. If you pay via PayPal Checkout you accept that we may deliver your order to the Delivery Address you select during PayPal checkout.

2.7 Upon completing the checkout process on our website, you will be shown a summary of your order. This does does not constitute acceptance of your order.

2.8 When placing an order with Omlet, you must provide a working contact telephone number so we may contact you to address any issues with your order.

2.9 If you have provided an e-mail address while placing an order with Omlet, you should receive an automated order confirmation. This order confirmation does not constitute acceptance of your order.

2.10 If you receive an invoice or pro-forma invoice from Omlet, this does not constitute acceptance of your order.

2.11 Acceptance of your order occurs only at the point where your order is dispatched from our premises or those of our third party suppliers, or at the commencement of any services ordered from us.

2.12 We maintain the right to reject or cancel any order at any point prior to delivery without providing a reason. If you have provided payment prior to this point, we will issue a refund up to but not exceeding the total of your payments as soon as is reasonably possible.

2.13 All goods remain the property of Omlet Ltd until such a time that the order has been accepted and we have received full payment of all sums due in respect of your order, including delivery and ancillary charges.

2.14 The goods will be your responsibility from the point where you or your nominated representative (including third-party couriers you have arranged) take physical possession of the goods.

2.15 We cannot be held responsible for any negligence or misconduct on the part of our fulfillment partners or couriers.

3 Communications

3.1 By placing an order with Omlet, you consent for us to contact you in relation to the processing and fulfillment of your order, including follow-up communications to assist us in assessing our performance. This does not include marketing communications, which you may opt out of at any time.

3.2 Telephone calls may be recorded for training, quality assessment and other purposes permitted under the Telecommunications Regulations (2000).

3.3 Email communications will be sent from email addresses in the domain. It is your responsibility to ensure that any email filtering services utilised by you or your email service provider are configured to allow these messages to be delivered normally.

4 Availability and Specification

4.1 All goods are advertised for sale subject to availability. In the event of us being unable to supply the goods ordered, we will inform you as soon as is reasonably possible.

4.2 In the event that items are out of stock but more stock is expected in the future, we will dispatch your order as soon as we are able.

4.3 Omlet makes reasonable efforts to ensure that any stock availability information displayed on our website is accurate, but stock figures should be viewed as an estimate only.

4.4 Where goods are unavailable for any reason, we may propose to provide you with substitute goods of equivalent quality and price. Should any goods ordered not be available or any substitute goods not be to your reasonable satisfaction, we ask that you return the goods to us at our expense. If you have already paid for the substituted goods or any goods that are not available (for example, where you have paid by bank transfer), a refund of the purchase price will be given.

4.5 Product specifications may change. In this event, we will always attempt to provide a product of equivalent or better specifications at the same or lower price. If you do not accept this substitution, you may return the item to us at our expense and receive a refund up to but not exceeding the amount paid.

4.6 If you order medicines, cleaning products, general pet health products or other substances where the design of the external container or packaging is not relevant to the functionality of the product, or in the event that that our supplier changes the external design of the packaging, we reserve the right to supply the same product in alternative packaging.

5 Colours, Sizes and Measurements

5.1 All sizes, colours, and measurements shown on our website are approximate.

5.2 We cannot be held liable if the appearance or experience of any product featured on our website differs from that which is intended when viewed on your computer, tablet, phone or other device.

6 Delivery

6.1 Although we will endeavour to honour the choice of courier you make during the checkout process, we reserve the right to select or substitute the courier that will deliver your order at any time.

6.2 Any delivery date provided to you is an estimate only. We cannot guarantee a particular delivery date and accept no liability for any costs or inconvenience incurred if your order arrives before or after this date.

6.3 When your goods have been dispatched we will attempt to notify you via e-mail. In addition, our courier may send you an e-mail or text message notifying you that they intend to deliver your parcel.

6.4 Omlet cannot be held responsible for any delivery estimates provided to you directly by our couriers.

6.5 Our couriers will make reasonable efforts to deliver your goods.

6.6 If you are aware of any reason why access to the delivery address may be restricted or difficult for our courier, it is your responsibility to inform us at the point where you place your order.

6.7 It is your responsibility to ensure that someone is available at the delivery address to accept the goods. We cannot accept any liability for costs or inconvenience incurred if no-one is present at the delivery address when our nominated delivery service attempts to deliver your order. In the event that our courier is unable to deliver your goods because you are not present, you may be held liable for any additional delivery charges incurred.

6.8 We cannot be liable for any delays or failures to deliver good or services if the delay or failure is partially or completely caused by circumstances outside our control.

6.9 If you request that your order be left at the delivery address without obtaining a signature, this is done by our courier at their discretion and cannot be guaranteed.

6.10 If you request that your order be left at the delivery address without obtaining a signature, you are considered to have taken physical possession of the goods at the moment they leave the courier’s possession.

6.11 Any delivery costs displayed on our website, or in any communications between you and Omlet up to the point of order acceptance should be considered an estimate only.

6.12 In the event that we incur additional expenses due to you providing incomplete or misleading information, we reserve the right to recover those costs from you at any time.

6.13 Goods will normally be delivered within 30 days of us accepting your order. We will contact you by email if your delivery is likely to be delayed beyond this period, giving you the option to cancel your order.

7 Postage and Packing

7.1 Unless otherwise stated, postage and packing will be charged in addition to the price of the goods themselves and will vary according to the delivery address, weight and size of the goods ordered, and the method of postage preferred.

8 Payment

8.1 Full payment for any goods ordered must be made by credit, debit card, via PayPal or bank transfer in advance of delivery. We do not accept cheques except by special arrangement. All prices are in UK pounds sterling unless specified otherwise.

8.2 If you have provided credit or debit card details, we will debit your card in advance of the dispatch of your order. We reserve the right to take payment at any point from the moment you make an offer to purchase goods or services from Omlet.

8.3 It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct funds are available via your chosen payment method. If we attempt to take payment and the funds are not available, your order may be delayed and you may be liable for any costs incurred.

8.4 We cannot be held liable for any costs or inconvenience you may incur in the event that we take payment or attempt to payment from your chosen payment method and the funds are unavailable.

9 Customs Fees, Duty and Taxes

9.1 Prices on this website include UK VAT at the appropriate rate unless stated otherwise. Invoices with a full VAT breakdown are provided on request.

9.2 If you have requested that we deliver your order to an address outside the European Union, you will not be charged UK VAT unless this is demanded by special treaty or agreement.

9.3 In the event that goods are being delivered to an EU holding address for onward shipment outside the European Union, VAT will be charged at the appropriate rate and you must recover this from HMRC directly.

9.4 You will be solely liable for any Customs Fees, Duties or Taxes incurred once the items have left our or our fulfillment partner’s premises.

10 Pricing

10.1 As an online retailer, our prices will occasionally change depending on demand, stock levels and sales. There are a few factors that would cause a price to be amended such as foreign exchange rates, a shift in market price points and sales or promotions. Unfortunately, we're unable to adjust any prices or offer a refund for the difference in price once an order has been placed. Sadly, we're also unable to retrospectively offer a refund for the difference in price once an order has been placed.

10.2 While we always try to make reasonable efforts that the prices displayed on our website or promotional materials are accurate, we accept no liability for any errors or omissions.

10.3 If through some error an item has been listed at a lower price and you order that product, we will contact you as soon as we are able so you can accept the correct price or cancel your order. If we are unable to contact you, we will cancel your order. If you choose to cancel your order, we will issue you with a refund not exceeding the total of your original payment.

11 Your Right To Cancel

11.1 In accordance with applicable consumer law, if you place your order online or via telephone, you have the right to cancel your order at any point up to 14 calendar days after you receive the goods and services you have ordered, provided the goods are unused and in fair condition.

11.2 If you elect to cancel your order, you must return any items received in accordance with the policy below (‘Returns’).

11.3 In the event you return goods under this provision and we discover that they have been used, we may choose to make appropriate deductions from your refund.

11.4 Please note that perishable items such as food (including pet food such as chicken food or treats) are specifically excluded from this policy, except in cases of faulty or damaged goods as described below.

12 Order Cancellations

12.1 If you wish to cancel an order, you must notify us via e-mail or letter as soon as possible.

12.2 If your order has already been passed to our warehouse or third party fulfillment party for processing, we may be unable to prevent it from being dispatched. In this event, you will receive the goods and should arrange to return them in accordance with the policy below (‘Returns’).

13 Faulty or Damaged Goods

13.1 If goods are found to be faulty or damaged upon delivery, are not as described, or not of satisfactory quality, please contact Omlet immediately.

13.2 While it is always our preference to work with customers to resolve any issues with their products by providing a repair or replacement, within the first 180 days after delivery you may, at your request, receive a full refund for any faulty item.

13.3 Within the first 6 months after delivery we will make reasonable attempts to repair or provide a suitable replacement for any faulty items. In the event that this is not possible, you will, at your request, receive a full refund.

13.4 After this point, if you feel that the goods we have provided to you are not of suitable quality and/or have not lasted a reasonable period of time and we are satisfied that the goods have been used and maintained properly, we will attempt to provide a suitable repair or replacement. In the event that a suitable repair or replacement cannot be provided, we may provide a partial refund.

13.5 All faulty or damaged goods must be returned according to returns procedure below.

13.6 In the event that any of our products are placed in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, some fading to colours may occur. This is a natural process and does not indicate a product fault.

13.7 Products must be assembled and used in the manner in described in the instructions provided.

13.8 Omlet is not responsible for any ancillary damaged caused by the improper use or assembly of our products.

14 Returns

14.1 Prior to returning items to Omlet, you must obtain a return authorisation by contacting us either by telephone, via email at or by writing to us at the address below.

14.2 Any goods returned to us for refund must be in reasonable condition.

14.3 After receiving authorisation for a return, you must ensure that all items to be returned are securely packaged in either their original packaging or equivalent. Omlet cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss, or costs incurred due to inadequate packaging.

14.4 All packages returned to us must be clearly marked with your order number, and with a slip of paper in each box displaying your name, contact telephone number and order number. If you return items without providing reasonable identifying information, this is done entirely at your own risk and we cannot accept any liability in event that we are unable to locate your return.

14.5 Upon receiving authorisation for a return, Omlet will either provide a Royal Mail return label or arrange for collection of the items via an alternative courier. If you choose to arrange your own courier, this is done entirely at your own risk and at your own cost.

14.6 It is your responsibility to obtain proof of postage or a collection receipt. In the event that any dispute arises as to whether the designated courier has collected items to be returned and you are unable to provide proof of postage, we will be unable to accept any liability.

14.7 We will endeavour to refund you for items returned within seven working days of Omlet receiving the goods, but in any event within 14 working days.

14.8 Selected Omlet products are delivered with a limited 180-day money back guarantee. In order to return goods under this guarantee, they must be in a good, merchantable condition and returned in their original packaging or equivalent.

15 Privacy

15.1 We will attempt to make all reasonable efforts to keep your personal details, the details of your order, the details of your payment and any other information we hold about you secure.

15.2 When creating an account, we may create a password for you, or you may be asked to enter a new password. In the event that you are asked to create a new password, you must not use this password for any other purpose. It is your responsibility to maintain the secrecy of your password and other information. Omlet cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or loss that occurs as a result of any failures by you to protect your details, password or other Omlet Website account.

16 Omlet Social Media Competitions

16.1 All Omlet competitions and promotions are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

16.2 The competition is open to residents of the United Kingdom aged 18 years and over.

16.3 No purchase of an Omlet product is necessary to enter. Nor does a purchase increase the entrant’s chance of winning.

16.4 Only one entry will be accepted per person. The competition can be entered on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

16.5 This competition is not open to Omlet employees or members of their immediate families. Likewise, it is not open to the Employees of Omlet Partners who may be involved in promoting this competition.

16.6 Each entrant must like the Omlet social media page on which the competition is hosted. Other entry requirements are as stated in the competition details on our social media pages.

16.7 The prize and competition closing dates are as stated in competition details on our social media pages.

16.8 Winners will be selected at random from all applicable entrants who have followed the entry requirements. Our decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

16.9 The winner will be notified by private message within 7 days of the closing date. If the winner does not respond to claim the prize within 7 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.

16.10 The prize is non-transferable and has no cash value.

16.11 By entering this competition, entrants are indicating their agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

16.12 All entrants agree to the use of their user-generated content (e.g. photos submitted on entry) for future marketing purposes.

16.13 The winner agrees to the use of their name and any reasonable requests by Omlet relating to any post-winning publicity.

16.14 Omlet reserve the right to withdraw competitions at any point. Omlet may amend any competition, competition information, or these terms and conditions without prior notice. Any changes will be posted either within the competition information or these terms and conditions.

17 User-Submitted Content Agreement

17.1 User-Submitted Content can include, but is not limited to, reviews, comments, uploaded images and forum posts.

17.2 Due to its nature, we cannot be held responsible for any aspect of user-submitted content. The ideas, concepts, opinions, themes etc contained within User-Submitted content are and remain those of the author, are not endorsed by us, and we make no guarantees regarding the accuracy, reliability, or quality of User-Submitted Content.

17.3 All User-Submitted Content remains the sole responsibility of the individual who originally posted the material and all liability that relates to the User-Submitted Content remains with them.

17.4 By submitting Content to our website, you are declaring that you are the copyright holder and original creator of that Content.

17.5 You retain all ownership rights for Content that you submit to the Omlet Website, but grant Omlet an unlimited, worldwide, non-exclusive, sub-licensable, royalty-free and transferable license to use, distribute, reproduce, make derivative works, and display the User Submitted Content in relation to Omlet's business (and any parent, related or successor business) in any media now known or later developed.

17.6 If you submit Content to our website, you acknowledge and agree to all the conditions laid down in this document.

17.7 We reserve the right to remove or refuse any User-Submitted Content we consider inappropriate, for any reason, without having to disclose those reasons at any time. We do not show product reviews where the writer does not own the product that they are reviewing.

17.8 Any reward schemes operated in relation to User-Submitted Content, whether financial or otherwise, are only open to residents of the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden.

18 Our Details

18.1 Our address:

Omlet Ltd
The Old Malthouse
St John's Road
OX16 5HX
United Kingdom

18.2 Our Email Address:

18.3 Our Telephone Number:

01295 500900 (Your telephone provider’s normal rates will apply)

19 Complaints

19.1 In the event of any complaint please contact us at the address above.

20 Note

20.1 These terms and conditions shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties, except in matters covered by the separate agreements ‘Courses Marketplace Terms and Conditions’ ( and ‘Omlet Promotions Terms and Conditions’ ( No variation of these terms and conditions shall be valid unless it is in writing and signed by Omlet.