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The Chicken Swing

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Following its huge success in the USA, the Chicken Swing has finally landed at Omlet, and it's ready to bring fun to all our feathered friends.

All chicken keepers know that birds love to perch and they will hop on to anything they can lay their feet on to give them a good view of the world. The Chicken Swing provides more than just a place to perch though - it actually swings! The patented design allows chickens to pump the swing themselves, with no need for a friendly push from the owner. Shaped like a mailbox, with a corn-like texture for grip, the Chicken Swing allows chickens of all types and ages to torque the perch. Quite simply, your hens will be swinging themselves silly in no time.

Ideal for hanging in any chicken coop, enclosure or chicken run, the Chicken Swing will reduce boredom and keep your pets hentertained. They'll love being able to hop up as they please, stretch their wings and swing back and forth above their pals. Synchronised swinging is also very much acceptable, should your chickens decide to share their new toy.

Made from safe quality parts that are built to last, the Chicken Swing is suitable for poultry of all ages and breeds. Although it is best to introduce chickens to the swing when they are young, adults will soon get the hang of it too. Attach the Chicken Swing so it hangs close to the ground, and as your chicks or chickens get used to climbing on, increase the height. The Chicken Swing ropes can be adjusted up to 6ft. Eventually, you will want it hanging high enough so as not to be an obstacle to any hens on the ground.

The Chicken Swing is is a fantastic accessory for every chicken keeping area, and you are sure to henjoy watching your pets in action as much as they enjoy using it.

Perch measures 16.25" in length.

Customer Images

Chicken perched on Chicken Swing hanging inside large Omlet Walk In Run.
A chicken perched on the Chicken Swing.
A chicken sat on the yellow chicken swing.
A chicken stood next to the Chicken Swing.
Chickens pecking at the ground behind the yellow Chicken Swing.
A chicken sat on the Chicken Swing.
Three chickens near the chicken swing with a red slide in the background.
The Chicken Swing installed in a Eglu Cube run with chicken accessories in the background.
Some accessories in a chicken enclosure
Chickens in a yard with a swing and a treat holder
A chicken swing installed in a chicken run connected to a chicken coop
Some chickens in front of their yellow chicken swing
A yellow chicken swing placed in a large enclosure
a chicken perched on a chicken swing
Omlet swing
Accacia having fun on the omlet chicken swing
a white chicken on a chicken swing in a garden
Not used it yet, but I dont watch them 24/7! Hope they will soon, might reposition!
Chickens on Omlet Universal Chicken Perch in run of Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop
The Chicken Swing deployed in the Eglu Go Up with 1m extension.
A chicken swing setup inside an enclosing chicken area.
garden setup for chickens with a peck toy, treat caddy chicken swing, grub feeders and a coop with an autodoor
A perch hanging inside an Omlet chicken coop run.
Set it at the height it will stay at from the start and from 4 weeks on the chicks were happily swinging on it.
Chicken on Omlet Chicken Swing
Chickens on Omlet Chicken Swing
A chicken swing hanging from a tree in a garden
Harriet’s rendition of You Could be Swinging on a Star whilst pooping on her fellow chickens heads did not get her through the X Factor auditions.
Chickens and Omlet Chicken Swing

Verified Reviews

The Chicken Swing
So fun!
Chickens enjoy swinging!
Review for: The Chicken Swing
This reviewer has 6-8 pets
Fun idea
Fun idea but I don't think any of our three chickens has used it yet. I would love to hear of chickens which do use it.....
Review for: The Chicken Swing
This reviewer has 2-4 Chickens pets
Bonnie, Louisiana,
They haven’t used it yet but one day they will
Review for: The Chicken Swing
This reviewer has 2-4 Chickens all breads pets
Great chicken swing
I bought this a few weeks ago my hens jumped on it straight away they love it very happy and great product
Review for: The Chicken Swing
This reviewer has 2-4 pets
I had some ladder styler swings for my chickens, and they didn't like the swing. We had a small solid swing in our old coop, but it was too small for our Omlet pen, so I bought the Omlet Swing. It is absolutely adorable, in bright yellow solid plastic with ropes and a spacer to keep swing in place. We put perches in, so the chickens seem to prefer that for now. When they are ready, they have a lovely swing to swing on.
Review for: The Chicken Swing
This reviewer has 4-6 Buff Orpington, RI R pets
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