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This comprehensive guide is for all budgie fans, beginners and experts alike. It contains in-depth information on everything to do with these wonderful little birds, from choosing a budgie and setting up a cage, to keeping its occupants well-fed, healthy and happy. There’s also lots of background information on where budgies come from, and the many different varieties alive and twittering today.

budgies are highly popular pets
Everything you need to know about the magnificent budgerigar!

The guide is arranged in short, easy-to-search subsections, so you can dip in and out with ease. If you’re looking for information but can’t find it here, or if you have any other feedback, suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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Colin, 11 June 2022

I recently bought 2 budgie's for £70 if I go near them or give them food & water they go mad bouncing around the cage i had get 1 who's wing was caught in the bars of cage i don't want them if there harming themselves in panic when i walk past i think there best off in a avery not a cage in house, gorgeous look at but not working out I'm after either 1 or 2 that are tame & not damaging thereselves each time i move, anyone with tame 1s that at least sit on your hand with freaking out I'm in Salford area if anybody can help me out be very grateful ????????

Melissa, 18 December 2021

My parakeet has come to my hand and to my shoulder ... but its hesitant ... Will not come to me usually how long does it usually take ? Really want to cuddle with my bird

Paula, 4 December 2021

My daughter and I have 2 parakeets named 1st Charlie Brown (who we got first from a neighbor) and Blueberry who my Sister had bought for my niece and nephew. However, once Charlie and Blueberry meet they were inseparable. So, my Sister had no choice but to give Blueberry to us and she then bought 2 other budgies for them. Now, my dad's who has the 2 birds. I know, it's alot! But, we all love them even my mom who doesn't have any pets. So, when we got Charlie we thought it was girl, we new Blueberry was a girl from the pet store. Then this summer they began, well Blueberry began to lay eggs!!! However, we have a problem that we don't know how to solve!? I wonder if anyone has experienced or know what can be done to avoid Charlie breaking the eggs? I believe in our birds have the freedom of flying around etc. So, they each have their own spacious cages. Of course they visit each other's cage. Blueberry has her nesting box, which she is a good mommy bird and sits on them(so adorable!!!) Without having to keep Charlie locked up till the eggs hatch what else can we do!?!? Please forgive my long comment! Thank you!

Sammantha, 12 November 2021

My parakeet has laid 13 eggs is she going to be ok or how do I get her to stop she is not laying on most of them and when she does it’s not for long

An Omleteer, 14 October 2021

My budgie has a dark marking just above the left side of his battle. I’m quite worried but struggling to get a vet appointment anyone had experience of this?