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The Omlet Cat Guide

Which animal leaves a scent by sweating through it’s paws, sleeps for more than 12 hours a day, and can live well into its 20’s? A cat! Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, you have to admit that cats are very interesting animals. For instance, did you know that the ridges on a cats nose are unique to each cat, much like the human fingerprint?

A lovely little tabby cat kitten playing with a pair of shoes
A lovely little tabby cat kitten playing with a pair of shoes

For around 10,000 years cats have been our loyal companions and now we can’t be separated from these feline creatures. The Omlet cat guide covers everything you need to know about cats. You can use it to help you find the perfect feline breed for you, discover exactly what cat ownership involves and you can even find out why cats go crazy for catnip

We hope you enjoy! Please leave comments if you have any feedback or suggestions.

Customer Images

Bram loves his hammock!
Lola playing in her tunnel
Two kittens on a cat tree in their walk-in run
Lucio and otis the cats in a garden
two kittens sat on a grey Omlet doughnut bed
Cat watching laptop screen
Two cats sat in a walk in run set up for cats with pink decorations
A cat resting a sofa.
A playful cat holding up it's paw.
A playful cat licking it's lips.
A cat enjoying the sun on the decking.
Taking a rabbit for a walk in the garden.
A cat curled up on the sofa.
A cat standing on a long pole.
The duchess
A black and white cat looking at me.
Cat laying down
Cat laying in grass
Cat in garden
A cat cleaning it's paws.
cat and dog having a cuddle
A cat with stunning eyes!
Close up of Cat
Nina the cat!
A sleepy cat!
A cat sitting in a cardboard box.
A cat relaxing on a bed.
A cat playing hide and seek in its cat tree.
Cat Laying Down
Cat at window
A cat sitting inside a box on a couch
A cat called tiger.
Cat Scratching Cat Scratching Post
Close up of Cat in Garden
Cat in Garden
Cat sleeping on bed
Cat Climbing Omlet Catio
Koopa enjoying outdoors thank you Omlet!
A white cat with yellow eyes being held by a women
A white cat being scratched around the neck
Close up of cat
Cat in kitchen
Black Cat
a grey and white cat licking its nose
Cat laying down yawning
Cat laying down on bed
Cat laying down on bed
Cat sleeping with toy
Cat laying on cushions and blanket
Underside shot of cat high up
Cat laying in sun in garden
Close up of cat
Cat laying down
a large grey mother cat and a small white kitten cuddling on a window ledge
“Pumpkin - check,  great i’m ready for Halloween”
a brown and white cat lying on a fluffy blanket
Hemingway, the happy paralyzed cat
My little cats
a young girl holding a Burmese grey cat with green eyes sat on the sofa
A cat of black, white and brown colour looking at the camera
a boxer dog and a brown and white cat lying on two chairs
Spring enjoyer
Tonkinese kittens
Teddy the tonk exhausted in his cat tunnel
Teddy the tonkinese
Cat on skateboard!
Patch sleeping
A kitten cuddling in a girl's arms
Two of my ragdolls
Sirius blueboy one of my ragdoll kittens


Laura, 17 January 2022

Hi. Is there anywhere for second hand omlet cat tree parts please? Thanks.

Guest2020, 26 April 2020

Have you a cat enclosure with levels or shelves for them? Your chicken coop almost looks better for felines since shade is included and the ramp can be covered with carpeting for the cats to climb.

Guest2020, 26 April 2020

Note to Paul: I hope you are prepared for the very HIGH ENERGY of the Serengeti cats. Better have your home rigged with high places for them to walk along the walls/ceilings (shelves) and be prepared to play energetically with them for a minimum of 15 full minutes every morning and every evening. It won't work if you're a couch potato so do your homework first if you haven't already. Thanks.

Benjamin, 8 April 2020

you are so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!

Paul, 7 March 2020

I have ( FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING , searched the world over for a Serengeti kitten, but have absolutely come up empty, each and every time. Does anyone know a legitimate breeder? There are phone numbers, and e-mails galore, but they all lead to a dead end. Thankyou. Paul Wright