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Freestyle Cat Tree

Why shouldn’t your cat have a playground that’s unique to them? That’s why we designed the Freestyle cat tree with accessories that you know your cat will use, so they get the exercise and stimulation they need. And if things change, you can add, move or replace that part, not the whole tree. Designed by us, customised by you, loved by your cat.

We’re Omlet and since 2004 we’ve been rethinking every aspect of keeping and caring for pets. Inspired by the magic when humans and animals connect, we watch, learn, ask and invent. Our products will make you wonder: why hasn't it always been done this way?

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five standout features


A large indoor freestyle cat tree set up with various accessories.
How high can your cat climb?

The Freestyle Cat Tree takes cats to higher ground - just the way they like it.

Easy to fit, adjustable poles for ceilings heights up to 4.40m. Just secure to the ceiling and add accessories all the way up to the top. You can even connect multiple poles together with bridges and ramps to expand your cat’s playground even further.

Connect with your cat

A man petting his cat on the indoor freestyle cat tree.
Freestyle lets you connect with your cat on a whole new level.

From scratching and stretching to climbing and jumping, the Freestyle cat tree is designed to make space for all your cat’s natural instincts. It brings a whole new level of enrichment to their life, so you can bond like never before. Hammocks and dens provide the perfect place to slumber and snooze.

Make it their own

Unlike other cat trees, Freestyle gives you complete freedom to customise your cat tree to suit your cat’s character.

  • Build their route with steps, platforms and bridges

  • Add spots to sleep with hammocks and dens

  • Satisfy their scratching needs with cardboard or sisal

  • Add treat dishes and feeders


Be inspired by these pre-designed kits to find one that fits your cat.

Made strong

Most cat trees are made from cardboard and carpet, cheap materials that degrade fast. For active cats who leap and pounce, you need a tree made of stronger stuff. We engineered Freestyle with an aluminium core, ultra-tough bamboo, and hard-wearing woven fabrics to easily last nine lifetimes.


A cat on top of the cardboard wave scratching post
Replace the parts that get worn, but keep the tree.

We’ve put sustainability front and centre of the Freestyle design, with sisal and cardboard scratching surfaces that are removable, so you can keep the tree and just replace the part once sharp claws have done their thing.

Perfect for apartments

A cat jumping onto the blue platform attached to the indoor freestyle cat tree.
Put accessories up high and down low to make the most of the space you have.

The slim cat tree's small footprint makes it a perfect fit for any size room. It maximises your cats play and sleep options by making use of the vertical space.


A cat sat on the grey platform attached to the indoor freestyle cat tree.
You'll be happy to have the Freestyle be the centerpiece of your home.

As well as customising a climber your cat will love, we want you to love it too. Choose cushion colours that complement your home - blue, grey, yellow or faux fur pink. Our fabrics have been tested for durability, comfort and they’re all machine washable too.


A cat sat high up in the platform den attached to the indoor freestyle cat tree.
Freestyle is easy to adjust to suit age, ability and agility.

Whether you have a new kitten with little legs, a senior feline or a cat that needs to take up a healthier more active lifestyle, Freestyle’s limitless set up options make it the perfect cat tree through all their life stages.

  • Keep steps close together for tiny or tired legs

  • Move steps and build strength as your kitten grows

  • Create walkways and interest with multi pole setups.

  • Position lookouts up high for nervous cats or busy homes

Frequently Asked Questions

The cat tree has been rigorously tested to make sure it's safe for all cats to use. All parts have been tested with weights of at least 30kg, so you can be confident that big cats like Maine Coons, as well as multi-cat households, will be able to enjoy it.

The 1.7m to 2.15m and 2.15m - 2.60m vertical poles come with a fixings pack for the pole to be secured into the ceiling. The larger vertical pole kits include a wall brace and a fixings pack to secure your pole to the ceiling and wall. You can also purchase a separate wall brace if you want to secure a shorter pole to the wall. The fixings pack includes 5 wood screws, 5 wall plugs and 5 plasterboard plugs, so you can fix the pole to a wooden, solid masonry or plasterboard wall/ceiling.

We have recently improved the bamboo components of the Freestyle, and soon they will all arrive coated for extra protection. This, however, means that you might receive both treated and untreated parts for a short while. To protect your bamboo components, we recommend coating any untreated accessories with a non-toxic interior wood oil.

Yes, you can add on vertical poles and all other accessories at any point you decide to extend or adapt your tree system. All spare parts and extra cat tree accessories can be found here.

Yes, with a few exceptions. The treat dish, plant pot and food bowl cannot be placed at the extended, narrower bit of the pole. Depending on where you want to place the sisal scratching rope kit, you will also need to choose either the base or the narrow version.

Make sure the whole cat tree is secured and fully assembled and that all screws are tightened before letting your cat use the Freestyle. Regularly check the system to make sure everything is fastened securely, and only use accessories specifically designed and intended for the cat tree.

The Freestyle Cat Tree is designed to be used by pets. Don’t lean against, climb or hang on the cat tree. Don’t rest heavy objects on any parts of the tree. The Cat Tree is not a toy. Don’t leave children unsupervised when in contact with the product.

Yes, we have designed an angled ceiling fixing kit to add to your system, just for this purpose.

Cats naturally enjoy being high up, taking in their surroundings in a safe space away from children and other pets. A cat scratching tree will also provide your cat with exercise and scratching opportunities, which is particularly beneficial to indoor cats.
Yes, you can purchase spare parts and accessories for your stylish cat tree here.
The poles and platforms are easy to wipe clean with a pet safe disinfectant and soft cloth. Wash woven fabrics in a gentle machine wash at 40 degrees with mild detergent. Faux Sheepskin fabrics should be hand washed only at 40 degrees with mild detergent.
Do not tumble dry, iron or use bleach.
Your Freestyle Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree comes with a comprehensive instruction manual that takes you through the assembly process, and there are also step-by-step how to build videos here. We recommend getting a professional to fit and screw your pole into the ceiling for you.
Yes. You will receive all the accessories you have added, but they do not need to go in the same place. You can build your system one way and move the accessories around at any time. This applies to the starter kits as well.

The scratching components for the Freestyle are either cardboard or sisal. Which one you should choose depends on your cat's scratching preferences.

The sisal rope kit is a cost effective and adjustable solution that is simply wrapped around one of the poles, whereas the thicker scratching post is a more robust version for fierce scratchers who take their nail maintenance seriously. Both of these are attached to poles. The sisal wraps go on bridges or ramps, great for horizontal stretching.

The cardboard scratching boxes come in two different designs, and are also attached to ramps or bridges. The corrugated cardboard allows cool air to move through the small gaps, which will be especially appreciated on warm summer days.

Neither small nor giant cat tree systems are stable enough to be free standing, so it must be secured to the ceiling and/or wall using the provided fixings.
You can find all available parts and accessories here, and you can see dimensions and product names in this PDF.
Sisal is an agave plant which yields a stiff fibre used to make rope and twine. Sisal rope is commonly used for cat scratchers due to its strength and durability, and cats like sharpening their claws against the fibres. Additionally, it is biodegradable and can be recycled.
Yes, you can customise the Freestyle Cat Tree to suit the requirements of your cat. For kittens or less agile cats you can put in more steps or move accessories closer to the ground.
The Freestyle floor to ceiling cat tree for large cats is made from strong and durable materials, like bamboo and aluminium. If you want to know what materials a specific part is made from, you can find all parts and accessories here.

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Freestyle Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree - Customisable Cat Tower

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We like it
We have 3 cats and we have had traditional cat trees they get messy and take up a lot of space. This does not and it is easy cleaning. I will replace all the cat trees with this tree eventually. It took us a long time to build it so it’s a project. We have the outdoor cat cage and we love that too. Tree is a bit wobbly but I think that is by design. Overall cats like it and it it way better than the old cat trees.
Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Scratching Rope Kit for Vertical Pole Base - Sisal
This reviewer has 2-4 Do not know pets
I thoroughly recommend them
My boys really enjoy using these products, they are high quality and I thoroughly recommend them. The fabric is very attractive and looks good with the green of the Omlet Cat Run, it also blends beautifully with my garden setting. The fabric is hard wearing yet soft enough to be comfortable and I am sure it is going to look good for a long time.
Review for: Freestyle Cat Tipi - Secret Garden
Verified Omlet Product Tester This reviewer has 2-4 pets
Quality cat tree looks great
My kitten had a lot of fun testing out the cat tree once installed which took a few hours to put together but was quite easy once I put together the poles and first ramp.
Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Bamboo Hammock Platform with Hammock (includes bracket)
This reviewer has 1 Domestic Short Hair pets
Full Freestyle cat tree setup
Dave, VIC,
Purchased a twin pole setup where the cats can cross from one to the other, have their own space and feel like they’re climbing like natural to them. It’s been AMAZING. They’re on it all the time, it looks fantastic in my lounge and it’s rock-solid quality. Absolutely recommend
Review for: Indoor Freestyle Cat Tree - Vertical Pole Kit - 2.15m to 2.6m
This reviewer has 10+ pets
The Explorer Kit
I purchased the explorer kit plus a den a few months ago. Had to wait quite a while for delivery but it was well worth the wait. It’s well made and of good sturdy solid construction. My cats are absolutely loving it.
Review for: Freestyle - The Explorer Kit - 2.15m to 2.60m
This reviewer has 2-4 2 x Devon rex cats, pets
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