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The Colourful World of Canaries and Finches

This guide tells you everything you need to know about choosing a pet Canary or Finch, and keeping your birds healthy and happy. It shows you how to set up a cage or aviary, offers a full menu of suitable foods, and enables you to recognise when your birds need extra attention, distraction or intervention.

Different finch species
Canaries and Zebra Finches may be the most popular, but there are many other types available

The aim is to take the novice from the point of purchase to the brink of expertise. In addition to the basics of finch care, it offers colourful details of finch types and varieties, and gives a tantalising glimpse into the world of bird breeding and exhibiting.

In the course of this guide it can be assumed that general information about food, cages, etc, applies to all types of finch. Where this is not the case, the exceptions to the rule are pointed out.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here we’ll be very surprised, and urge you to let us know. Your input will help keep the content accurate and up to date.

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Jennifer, 13 June 2021

Hi there, My canary had just started her moult. I have purchased in advance singe Niger,Flax & Hemp seed to supplement her diet. Could u please advise on the amount of seeds required daily ? She'll get fresh grass seeds, veg, lettuce etc too as usual, and she flies free every day in my bedroom Thankyou

George, 11 March 2021

I keep one male canary in a cage, I am considering introducing two Zebra Finches in the same cage. Is there anything against this, or is it acceptable. Would it affect the Canary's singing? i am considering this a the cage is rather large and it would be attractive to have more activity within the cage. What do you think?

Pat, 11 September 2020

We are considering the geo cage for two finches and curious how much of a mess falls outside the cage?

Shajeeha, 25 May 2020

How much avadat?

Idee, 8 October 2019

I have 2 male Society Finches. They are in a double cage so it is large. One of the males has been landing on me to tear up tissues, paper towels and give it to him and he flies and puts it in their nest. Last month I noticed them both happily playing and flying and making new nests wherever they can (its quite hilarious) and I saw one fussing with the others feathers under his neck. One week later it was a bald spot, now it is a big bald spot and getting bigger. I wish I could post a pic. There's no aggressive behavior. They are both hand trained and constantly getting a free ride landing on my hair and staying with me throughout the day. (I make sure they are in their room when I am leaving.) So I guess my question is: DO I USE IODINE ON THE BALD AREA AS WAS RECOMMENDED BY A FINCH GROUP? I look forward to any help you can give me. They are both so adorable and friendly...they even play with my 2 parakeets. I've never seen such love between birdies. Thanks everyone.