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Eglu Pro with Accessories
Everything is very well made and good quality
First impressions were that everything is very well made and good quality. The build process was easy to follow with great instructions and everything was clearly labelled for assembly. The coop is on legs with a small entry ladder to the inside space and an area beneath which the hens can also use. The Eglu Pro is definitely looks as though it is designed to last a lifetime; solid in structure and made from plastic so it doesn’t require painting or treatment to prevent rotting / weather damage. The features I am really impressed with are the pull out trays below the roosting area, which make it very quick and easy to clean out the hens. The large lift off door and removable panels where the hens roost also make it a really straightforward cleaning process, because everything lifts out. Underneath the coop is a wire section which the hens use all the time during the day to shelter if the weather is bad! It’s not a huge coop in terms of the amount of room it takes up in my garden but it has loads of interior space for the hens and it is working really well for me in conjunction with the walk in run.
Review for: Eglu Pro with Accessories
Verified Omlet Product Tester
Base with Round Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds - Large - Pack of 4
Wooden feet
Good quality product. Lifts bolster dog bed from floor which allows air to circulate under bed
Review for: Base with Round Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds - Large - Pack of 4
This reviewer has 1 French Bulldog pets
Switch Sisal Light Up Cat Scratching Post - Cream
Now That’s What I Call A Scratching Post 👌🏻
Just received Pookie’s new Switch Post. 🤩 She’s out tearing up the neighbourhood so thought I’d assemble it ready for her return. Paper instructions as well as YouTube video allow you to complete the task. Please be patient, it takes a little time as fully assembly is required. The bottle used to add weight suggests filling with 💦 for speed of assembly. I choose to use play pit fine sand as had half a bag kicking about in the garage. Very good quality components which add to the robustness of this post. LED Lights are a crazy option. Real interested to she how Pookie reacts to them. Post is in my sons boy cave were she hangs when home. Tonight should be action packed with some fun along the way. That’s it, time to go build the Fido cage now 😂🔧🤙🏻
Review for: Switch Sisal Light Up Cat Scratching Post - Cream
This reviewer has 1 Domestic Outdoor Cat pets
Catio Tunnel System - Tunnel
Exactly what I was looking for when I purchased my Catio!
Tracie, Florida,
The omlet Catio tunnel is exactly what I was looking for when I purchased my Catio. My princess is happiest when she has access to the outside and can come and go on her own terms. But she also needs limits because she likes to bring me gifts. I’m okay with fishing the daily lizard out of the water bowl but I draw the line at snakes. The Catio tunnel provides safe access for my cat (and my sanity) to and from her Catio. Set up is simple—just a few steps. Installation takes a little more care because if you are attaching the tunnel to a window box or Catio you will be cutting an entryway into the existing structure so start small and expand outward. You can always enlarge the access point. The most difficult part of installation was MOVING my existing Catio. The structure is solid (and heavy) Grass had grown through the anti-dig skirt securing the structure to the ground so it was necessary to dig up the structure. But my Catio held up to a tropical storm last hurricane season so I know my enclosure is safe and secure.
Review for: Catio Tunnel System - Tunnel
Verified Omlet Product Tester This reviewer has 1 pets
Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed - Medium - Lavender Lilac
Happy dogs
This has been one of those purchases I wish I'd made years ago, if only I knew they existed. After many unsuccessful attempts to get my aging shih tzus to use different beds I gave up and resigned to letting them sleep with me or whatever comfy spot they could find. The omlet beds have changed all that and with a little prompt they now curl up nightly.
Review for: Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed - Medium - Lavender Lilac
This reviewer has 2-4 Shih tzus pets
Switch Sisal Light Up Cat Scratching Post - Cream
My cat loves it!!
The scratching post is great with the LED lights what a great idea and it works so well with my cat.
Review for: Switch Sisal Light Up Cat Scratching Post - Cream
This reviewer has 1 pets
Wall Connection Kit for Omlet Chicken Fencing
I love my fence!!!! So easy to install and wonderful service and delivery.
Review for: Wall Connection Kit for Omlet Chicken Fencing
This reviewer has 8-10 Chickens pets
Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Run (4m) and Wheels - Purple
Candice, Oregon,
I bought this system - the cube with large walk in run - to keep my babies safe from the many many predators we have living in the forest. I didn't even imagine a tree would fall on it! TWICE!! We've had bad storms and twice very large trees have fallen directly on to the cube and run. I heard it both times from in my cabin - it was LOUD! I ran outside and both times NO DAMAGE. No dents on the cube or the run. Not even scratches or bent wire. NOTHING. I will never have another system. As soon as I can afford it, I'm purchasing the Pro. Don't even think twice about investing in this wonderful coop and runs!!
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Run (4m) and Wheels - Purple
This reviewer has 8-10 Silkie, Frizzle, Blu pets
Eglu Run Handles
Love our Eglu Cube!
Kris, North Carolina,
Really pleased with our Cube. Made extremely sturdy, pleasing and perfect for our 5 hens. I love the door latches, ease of cleaning , insulation of Cube and the coop light and auto door. Highly recommend this product. We purchased the 12 ft run. Only wished I was able to purchase a walk in run. Having grown up on a large farm with a few hundred poultry, it's a delight to have 5 and spoil the hens rotten! I have a few wishes if product is updated: smaller gauge cover for run, and have it covered over whole run, not just bottom half; and to offer a wider apron around the run. Again, I highly recommend this product!
Review for: Eglu Run Handles
This reviewer has 4-6 Olive Eggers pets
Autodoor Attachment Kit for Omlet Chicken Runs
Best thing I ever bought!
Our hens aren't at home so it was a real nuisance having to go back out to our smallholding late in the evening to secure them. This door has solved all of that! The light that comes on with it helps them all get onto their roosts safely and then the door quietly closes. Couldn't be without it.
Review for: Autodoor Attachment Kit for Omlet Chicken Runs
This reviewer has 10+ Ex-battery/Legbars/W pets