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The Omlet dog guide

Border Collie relaxing on their Omlet Nest Dog Bed in Forrest Fall

Border Collie relaxing on their Omlet Nest Dog Bed

Dogs - a man’s best friend. They cheer us up when we’re down, offer affection and forgiveness like no other, and can even help humans out with the toughest of jobs.

Omlet’s Dog owner’s guide is a celebration of all things canine, teaching you how to best look after your wonderful pet, how you can have a deeper understanding of their world, and how to continue building a wondrous connection to make sure the time you spend together is long, happy and fulfilling.

Whether you’re a lover of Labradors, have a soft spot for a Shih Tzus or prefer the company of a Collie, Omlet are here to guide you through your dog-owning journey.

From crate training to removing ticks and choosing the right dog breed to how to manage excessive barking, the Omlet dog owner’s guide will take you through successfully raising your furry friend through from puppy to prime.

Omlet and your dog

At Omlet, we pride ourselves on being pet experts, which means we continue to design and create products that answer your questions. What if a dog crate could double as a piece of furniture? Can a dog bed live forever? Jump into the world of Omlet where we never stop asking and discover our range of pillowy-soft dog beds, stylish dog crates, dog blankets that offer dreamy levels of comfort, and more.

Customer Images

Bailey looking after the latest kitten
Scott 2years my treasure ♥️
Two dogs sitting together outside.
Dog sleeping in Omlet Dog Bed
My sweet boy, my 3rd husband! Lol
A wippet running down a garden.
A Maltese dog in front of a Fido studio crate
A dog looking about the park.
A dog relaxing in the park.
Close up of Dog
Dog Wearing Pink Dog Harness
a sleepy white dog lying on a bed
a large black and brown dog lying down on a brown sofa
A podenco on a bench with a leash
Trick or Treat
Dog wearing harness in snow
Dog wearing harness in snow
Dog with harness
Dog laying in garden
Dog chilling out
a close up photo of a black and white dog
a black and white dog in the back of a car
a black and white dog holding a toy in its mouth walking across a garden
a black and white dog lying on some grass in a field
a black and white dog sat in a garden
Dog and cat in bag
Dog and cat laying next to each other
a white and brown dog lying on a hammock in the sun in a garden
two white and brown dogs lying on grass behind a fence
Dog in garden
I love dogs
bonnie the brown dog lying on a yellow blanket
Libby the spaniel and sybil the speckledy
Come on let's Go!
Caesar at the beach
Our beautiful girl, sophie
Me and my brother Go everywhere together
I am dougals brother and my name is shui
I am dougal
Please can i have a treat
Minch the 5 year old rescue dog
Finnan the 7 year old working sheepdog
Meg the 14 year old dog
Sally & fudge (left)
Toby my dog! :-)
Toby and scmicheal my dogs! :-)


Rebecca, 9 September 2022

I wish that I could show you one of my 5 German shepherds. My youngest miss Polly Jo needs a bed so bad..she is sleeping on blankets on my camper floor. My bed is quit but her favorite colors are bright green and orange. Polly Jo even says that she hopes that she wins but good luck to everyone else..she's such a lady...

Chloe, 23 April 2020

Thank you.

Barnie, 26 March 2020

I love my new puppy and my guinea pig and she loves to eat celery a lot of celery

Victoria, 11 March 2019

Need help with trainig trips our 15 mth lab/viszlar cross to sleep past 6am. She is happy in her crate It's covered, warm not hot, quiet. She toileted and fed. We think she just wants company?!?!6am 7 days a wk is too much. She has around 3 hrs a day exercise (2× 1.5 hrs walk off lead @ beach and large open grass/canal walk)

Amit, 13 December 2016

This article is such a great post which effectively reveals some incredible information. I personally feel the usefulness of the article and that helps me in writing my own pet blog (which is named after my pet labra Scotch). Thanks a lot.