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Walk In Chicken Run

Give your chickens more space while keeping them safe with a Walk in Chicken Run from Omlet. New and improved, this range of Walk in Runs look great whilst blending into the garden and they are designed to work with any kind of chicken house or chicken coop.

Walk in Run with Eglu Go and Chickens

Walk in Run with Eglu Go and Chickens

  • Walk in Run with Eglu Go and Chickens
  • Chickens will Love roaming around their new Walk in Chicken Run!
  • The Walk in Chicken Run makes it fun and easy to spend time with your hens and feed them.
  • The top and bottom of the Stable Door open independently for your convenience.
  • The inside of the Walk in Chicken Run Door is the perfect location for hanging a feeder or drinker.
  • Kids will love to play inside the Walk in Run with their chickens, and dogs won't be able to in.
  • Remove a panel of your Walk in Chicken Run to attach an Eglu Cube with Run.
  • Open the door, pop your chickens in and let them play in their Walk in Run for hours.
  • The Walk in Chicken Run is fun for all the family, and the chickens!


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I am delighted with my walk in run. It is easy to put together and blends beautifully into my garden. My chickens are very happy, they have much more space and are safe from the pesky fox who constantly visits the garden! - Rita

From £299.99

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Choose from two heights

The new Walk In Chicken Run is available in two heights. The Hi-Rise version allows you to literally walk straight in. You can then spend more time with your chickens, tidy the run and top up food and water containers, all with the greatest of ease. The Lo-Rise version is a new concept, giving your hens plenty of secure floor space, at a lower height and a lower price (of course if you are less than 1.16m tall you can still walk in).

The new Lo-Rise Chicken Run is a great entry level product. It has all the floor space of the Hi-Rise version and you can extend the height at a later date.

The Hi-Rise Walk In Chicken Run allows you to walk right in and spend time with your chickens. They'll love all that extra room and you'll enjoy the benefits too.


Keeping your chickens safe in an attractive and spacious environment is what the Walk In Chicken Run was designed for. It gives you peace of mind that your pets are getting the best care possible. Omlet's experience and reputation for designing beautiful products that work are on show across several key features of the Walk In Chicken Run.

The brand new door lock uses gravity to drop naturally into the locked position, meaning you don't have to remember to slide the bolt back across as you do in a traditional lock. .

Made from the same heavy gauge steel weld mesh as the Eglu runs, and with strong supporting poles, this Walk In Chicken Run offers your pets maximum protection from unwanted visitors.

You can lock and unlock the door from inside the Walk In Chicken Run.

The Walk In Chicken Run has a detachable anti-tunnel skirt. Similar to the Eglu Run Skirt, this will prevent predators from digging in.

Stable door

If you opt for the Hi-Rise Walk In Chicken Run, you’ll have the benefit of a stable style door. The top and bottom of the door open independently allowing you to feed your chickens without them nipping between your legs to get to your vegetable patch. Extra doors can be purchased and added to the run in various positions too. The Lo-Rise Walk In Chicken Run still has a large door which is easy to reach through and ideal for placing a feeder or drinker.

The large door on the Lo-Rise Walk in Run gives ample access to your pets, food and water containers.

The full height stable door makes it easy to give your chickens some corn without them escaping.

Extending your Walk In Chicken Run

The Walk in Chicken Run can be extended in numerous ways, whether you buy a large run straight away, or extend it over the years. Increase the width, length and height, using easy to add sections, and create a custom made run to suit your requirements. Please refer to the Walk In Chicken Run Configurator for options on how to extend your run.

The 3 x 4 x 2 Walk In Chicken Run is perfect for a large flock of hens. The Eglu Cube will fit in there, with space all around to remove the dropping trays, collect eggs and open the front door.

Covers for your Walk In Chicken Run

Accessorise your Walk In Chicken Run with a Heavy Duty or Clear Cover in different sizes. These can be used independently or in multiples to create sheltered areas for your hens. Omlet Covers are extremely hard-wearing and they will provide brilliant protection against wind, rain and snow. The clear covers are ideal for winter and the heavy duty covers provide lots of shade in the summer.

The Heavy Duty Side Cover will cover one panel.

The Clear Roof Cover will cover two panels

Combine Covers to create the perfect chicken run.

Easy assembly

Assembling your Walk In Chicken Run is quicker and easier than ever. You can assemble a Lo-Rise in around an hour and a Hi-Rise version should take you no more than one and a half hours to assemble, using the simple instructions included. The only tool you will need is a pozi (cross type) srewdriver, for the Door Bolt.

Poles attach to run panels using the Omlet designed pole clips.

You can quickly make up the poles without any tools, they just slot together.

Compatible with Omlet products

The Walk In Chicken Run has been designed to work with your existing chicken coop, so you can create a custom chicken keeping solution to suit your garden. Connection kits are available to attach the run to most types of Eglu, while other houses can be placed directly inside, giving your hens a place to rest, shelter and lay their eggs. If your Walk in Chicken Run is 3 panels wide or more you can connect any Eglu apart from the Eglu Go UP no run, Eglu Cube no run and Eglu Go Hutch 1m run to the side with the door.

Your current Eglu Can it connect to a Walk In Chicken Run? Can it go inside a Walk In Chicken Run? Can the door be placed on the same side as the Eglu?   (applies to 2 panel wide run only)
Hi-Rise Lo-Rise Hi-Rise Lo-Rise Hi-Rise Lo-Rise
Eglu Go (no run)
Eglu Go with Run
Eglu Classic (no run)
Eglu Classic with Run
Eglu Go UP (no run)
Eglu Go UP with Run
Eglu Cube (no run)
Eglu Cube with Run
Eglu Go Hutch (no run)
Eglu Go Hutch with 1m Run
Eglu Go Hutch with 2m Run

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           Excellent run

- Mark, 24 March 2015

Great run for the chickens. Its expensive though and not the easiest thing to put up. It took me 7 hours in the pouring rain but once up it was very strong and secure. The instructions aren't the easiest to understand till you get the hang of it and 9 copies of the instructions were supplied! Still its a great run and fun more my children to get close up with their chickens.

           Good once up

- Vicky, 20 March 2015

Hens are very pleased but husband is not! Took vastly more than the time stated to put together and clips very fiddly.

           Second walk in run

- MAUREEN, 19 March 2015

I love these. My first new walk inn run was low and I added a length on. Than needed to introduce some chicks so have a divider and another connection for my other classic. So pleased with this my cube had the old extension run. Down with the old and in with the new.This walk in run has replaced the old one. Now what do I do about oragandori birds help? Need a coop and run for them. Omlet your perfect. Just love the way one can renew as new updates come along.

           Great upgrade from previous houses and runs

- Chandri, 02 March 2015

Feels safe and easy to use - difficult only during heavy rain when the ground is boggy. My hens love their new run !

           My garden is breathing a sigh of relief!

- Joanne, 02 March 2015

Relatively straightforward to erect and all done in three hours. You definitely need two people and some steps when putting the roof on. Spent the winter with my three girls roaming the garden. Now have no lawn left and most of the borders have been turfed out on to what was left of the lawn. So a walk in run couldn't come quick enough. My Go Up and run has been attached to the back so they can come in and out when they please. And come summertime I should once more be able to walk barefoot across the grass!!

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You can download the instruction manual for the Walk in Chicken Run here.

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You can download the instruction manual for the Mk1 Walk-in Run here.

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