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Game Changer
The Eglu Pro is so much better for us. We use to have 2 x Eglu Cube Mk 2 as we have 13 girls. However 12 would all go into 1 Cube and 1 in the other - so we had to move them every night. Now they all go into the Pro with plenty of space. The addition to the individual laying areas is great. The Pro is easy to clean, sturdy, well insulated and has adjustable air vents. The auto door is a must.
Review for: Eglu Pro with 4m Run Package and Wheels
This reviewer has 10+ Gingernut Ranger pets
Omlet Pro with 9’ run
This Omlet Pro is Amazing! Super spacious and made so well! Plus easy to put together. I am so impressed with all Omlet has to offer!
Review for: Eglu Pro with 3m Run Package and Wheels - with Free Autodoor + Coop Light - Green
This reviewer has 6-8 pets
A true game-changer
Katherine, Texas,
Say goodbye to cramped quarters! The Omlet Eglu Pro chicken coop is a true game-changer for those of us who let chicken math get the best of us! With room for up to 15 bantams, its innovative design prioritizes both space and security, while the ability to close nesting boxes at night makes keeping the nesting boxes clean a breeze! This is a must-have for backyard chicken keepers who want a bigger flock!
Review for: Eglu Pro with 4m Run Package and Wheels
The Eglu Pro is the one for you!
It’s easy to tell how much thought went into the design of the new Eglu Pro, all of the features are optimal for chickens and chicken-keepers alike. My favorite design elements are probably the hinged nest box door, which makes egg collection easy for my kids, and the double doors at the back of the run, which allow me easy access. Also, despite the Pro's larger size, it's surprisingly easy to move. Oooh…I forgot my MOST favorite feature… the auto coop door. I don’t know how I got along without one! I’ve tried several other prefab coops, and none have even come close to the Eglu in terms of quality for the price. The Pro is extremely well made, very secure, and easy to clean. If you want a long-lasting, innovative home for your chickens—designed by people who understand chickens, the Eglu Pro is the one for you!
Review for: Eglu Pro with 4m Run Package and Wheels
I love the Eglu Pro!
This chicken coop is the perfect addition to my backyard farm. I never have to worry about predators as the run and anti tunnel skirt keep my chickens safe. The addition of the hinged nest box door and adjustable vents proves that Omlet is always listening to their customers and truly cares about the safety and health of the chickens kept in it. Moving it every day onto fresh grass is a breeze and makes backyard chicken keeping enjoyable, easy and fun!
Review for: Eglu Pro with 4m Run Package and Wheels
Verified Omlet Product Tester This reviewer has 6-8 pets
The star of our backyard!
The Omlet Eglu Pro was the ideal choice to accommodate our growing flock. It has a spacious design (honestly, the Eglu Pro is HUGE), yet it is so easy to tractor around. Our favorite features are the new ladder design and the larger, easier to access nesting box. And the optional Autodoor is a must if you aren’t an early riser. The Eglu Pro was easy to assemble, has a premium feel and is easy to maintain. And it is tough enough to stand up to predators and bad weather alike. The Eglu Pro is the star of our backyard!
Review for: Eglu Pro with 4m Run Package and Wheels
Verified Omlet Product Tester This reviewer has 6-8 pets
Eglu Pro Deserves ALL 5 Stars
Madison, Connecticut,
Our flock just went up recently from five chickens to nine! Before we received the news about the Eglu Pro release we were wondering how we were going to expand. Here comes Eglu Pro to the rescue! The three nesting box sections give our hens plenty of room to spread out comfortably to lay their eggs. The larger sleeping area and roosting bars perfectly fit all 9 of our large breed hens (Rhode Island Reds, Golden Comet, Silver Laced Wyandotte, and a Welsummer). The double wall insulation and Lux panel are perfect for winter months in New England to protect against the wind chill. And the new adjustable vents will help airflow in the summer! Not to mention the slide out poop trays and now the nesting box area has one too! Cleaning is a BREEZE. Dump the waste in the compost bin, spray off the components, and put back in the Eglu Pro, DONE. I love the Eglu Pro and so do my chickens.
Review for: Eglu Pro with Accessories
Verified Omlet Product Tester This reviewer has 8-10 Rhode Island Reds, W pets
More room for chicken math!
As an accidental chicken owner, the Omlet line of products has been such a great investment. They are easy to clean, maintain and allows me extra time to spend with my flock. My flock is clean, happy, and such a joy! The upgrades in the Omlet Pro allow me a little extra room for my chicken math!
Review for: Eglu Pro with 4m Run Package and Wheels
Verified Omlet Product Tester This reviewer has 6-8 pets
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