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Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream

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As seen on 'River Cottage' and 'Kirstie's Homemade Home'.

This egg skelter is a brilliant way of storing and displaying your fresh eggs in date order. Every time your hens lay a lovely egg simply add it to the skelter, and when it comes to eating them you will know to use the one at the front, which will always be the oldest. Your eggs will be proudly on display and you will never have to waste one again! Suitable for 20 medium to large sized eggs.

Please note: Eggs are different shapes and sizes and we cannot guarantee that they will roll down the egg skelter.

Customer Images

Selection of white and brown eggs on cream Egg Skelter display by Omlet.
Lots of eggs on the egg Skelter egg storage.
Black Egg Skelter with eggs
An Egg Skelter with lots of pretty eggs.
Cream egg skelter,love it!!
Cream egg skelter
Cream egg skelter
our first few eggs on our egg skelter!! I love it!! x
Egg Skelter
Mabel on the skelter
Egg Skelter
Customer Image
Customer Image
Customer Image

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Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream
Does the job
Hi! I love the handle on this and it's cute! It could be improved by making the egg holder a little wider so that they don't get knocked out easily. Also, I'd love it if they actually slid down. But if you get 24 in there then it's because you are putting them vertically and not on their sides. They don't slide in the vertical position. So perhaps making it taller would allow the space for 24 eggs and the ability to have them slide into position. With a few tweaks, would be perfect!
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So far, I love it
The Egg Skelter is well built, beautiful, and doesn't take up too much counterspace. My chickens just started laying eggs so their eggs are still small and fall through the wire tracks, but I imagine medium to large size eggs wouldn't have this problem.
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream
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Form & Function!
I love this skelter. It's beautiful, super easy to keep clean, and does a great job at its job. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream
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Not meant for odd shaped eggs
Cheryl, Texas,
I love the look of this shelter. Really wanted it but we have farm fresh eggs. Which means they're all different sizes and shapes. They just wouldn't flow through this without a lot of assistance. I've tried turning them around, upside down, YouTube. They just go sideways and block the ramp.
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream
Fits my eggs and looks good
Will, North Carolina,
Works well, build seems high quality (I will update if it doesn't hold up long term but it looks high quality). Bought this for my wife for her birthday. Definitely an improvement over a bowl or an egg carton
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream
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