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The nights are drawing in and the air is getting colder. Now is the time to prepare your wormery for colder temperatures, to make sure your worms are happy and still eating an optimum amount. If you have a shed, garage, cellar or utility room then move the wormery in and it will keep working right through winter. If not, then you will need to insulate the wormery in order to keep it from freezing and the worms dying.

There will be many leaves floating about at this time of year, but avoid the temptation of putting these in the wormery, as they wont rot down for years. Instead put these in your council green waste bin for centralised composting.

The best thing to plant in Autumn is bulbs for the coming Spring, things like Daffodils, Crocuses, Irises and Tulips will be something to look forward to during the cold winter.

How to Plant Bulbs
1. Dig random holes 3 times as deep as the bulb.
2. Sprinkle a good amount worm compost and a little sand or grit for drainage into the hole.
3. Put a bulb in each hole with the point side up and cover with a bit more compost and then some soil.

When the flowers die, but the green shoots remain, don't be tempted to cut the shoots off, as they are busy helping the bulb build a food store to last until next year.

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