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What Does my Worm Compost do for the Herbs?

What Does my Worm Compost do for the Herbs?

Why? Think of good soil like good crumble topping.......

Good soil has just the right amount of 'butter' for a breadcrumb like texture- this is known as 'loamy' soil and has excellent drainage qualities.

Clay soil is bad soil as it isn't light and airy and doesn't soak up and hold on to water very well , it's like adding too much butter to the crumble mix, the crumbs stick together in big sticky clods.

Very sandy soil is also bad, because water goes straight through it, taking all the nutrients with it. It's like not adding enough butter, it's very dry and won't form into crumbs.

The best way of getting light and airy crumb-like soil for your herbs is by adding your worm compost to your garden soil.

  • It's moist but light. so it holds all the soil together, but increases air flow
  • It can retain some of the rain water it soaks up so there is less need to water your herbs
  • It's full of nutrients which plants need for healthy growth.
  • For these reason (amongst many others), compost is the key ingredient for the organic gardener.

    Compared to normal compost, worm compost can contain up to 7 times more essential nutrients so your plants will be the envy of all your non worm composting friends.

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