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Beekeeping Protective Jacket XS

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Every beekeeper needs special clothing to give ultimate protection when handling their hive. This professional jacket is perfect for head and body protection, giving you the confidence to get close to and handle your bees.

The jacket has a number of great features which make it both safe and practical:
A ventilated hat that can be adjusted to different sizes with a zipper that means it can be flipped back or taken off
A dark veil that is easy to see through and extra strong with double distance rings that will hold it off your face if you choose
Three pockets for all the tools you need to take to the hive with you
Elasticated cuffs for a tight fit, making it hard for bees to crawl up sleeves

The bee jacket comes in a range of sizes from XXS - XXXL. You should always wear protective clothing over your normal clothing so you should add a couple of inches to your normal waist and chest size to make room for this. The suits are not elastic so we suggest you opt for a size larger if you are unsure.

Size XS is suitable for chest size 34" and waist size 32".

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Beekeeping Protective Jacket XS

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