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Hentertainment Starter Bundle

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Just getting started? The Hentertainment Starter Bundle is the perfect way for your flock to try out our most popular chicken toys for themselves!

The Chicken Swing gives your hens a break from stationary-sitting while strengthening their leg muscles. Like a classic porch swing, your hens will enjoy the gentle swaying motion while surveying their surroundings.

Elevate snack time with the Pendant Peck Toy! Instead of simply scattering your chickens' scratch around on the ground, fill the Pendant Peck Toy with your hens' favourite scratch grains and watch them go to town! Feeding your chickens their favourite grains up off the ground reduces waste and un-wanted visits from rodents.

The Spring Chicken Kit is one of our most popular configurations for the Freestanding Chicken Perch. Complete with 2 eucalyptus perches and an attached treat dish, your chickens will be rewarded for reaching new heights!

This bundle includes:
1 x Chicken Swing
1 x Pendant Peck Toy
1 x Spring Chicken Kit

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Hentertainment Starter Bundle

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Spoiled Chickens
We bought this bundle when we upgraded our coop for for the winter. It included the swing, the freestanding perch, the bolt-on perch, and a few treat holders. The chickens go crazy for the treat holders. Everytime I go to refill them, they're immediately surrounding the holder and alternate between each one. I was impressed at how sturdy the free standing perch is. It came with a drill attachment to ensure the perch spikes are secure and it works beautifully. The biggest of my chickens is easily 7 pounds (still growing) and it holds her without issue. They haven't tried out the swing yet, but one of my girls loves to swing on our bench swing so I knows it's only a matter of time. I love the construction and stabilization of the swing and know that once they figure it out, they'll love it. Overall, very good bundle for the value. I'm really happy with the quality of construction because I know the chickens are safe while using the products. We will be purchasing more items in the future.
Review for: Hentertainment Starter Bundle
This reviewer has 4-6 Lavendar Orpingtons pets
Great bundle
Bought this to go with our new chickens. Not used the bedding yet as they are not ready to lay but have it just in case.
Review for: Hentertainment Starter Bundle
This reviewer has 2-4 Polish and Pekin ban pets
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