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Grub - Green

by Omlet

The purpose designed eglu feeder or Grub to its friends is the best way to provide food for your chickens. It attaches to the run (both mark 1 and current eglu), keeps food dry and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Will keep four chickens fed for two days.

The capacity of the Grub feeder is 2 litres when placed on a vertical run panel such as the Eglu Cube or Walk in Run, and 1.5 litres when placed on an angled run panel such as the Eglu go.


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Packed Product Details

Weight: 0.400 kg

Height: 17 cm

Width: 14 cm

Length: 33 cm

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Good price, works for ducks. - Abi, Cheshire,

Bought this to try with my Indian runners. They had no issue in using it. Just make a mess like ducks do with pelletted food. The food isn’t 100% water proofed in this, and the rain can get in a little but does the job by and large. For larger breed birds I would say it would maybe be a little harder for them to put their heads in but my runners are 2kg and big boys so these guys can cope, most birds will. Geese may struggle. It’s a bit annoying to clean as it doesn’t come apart but it’s not too much of an issue to be honest. Plastic is very sturdy and durable. Can imagine it will last very well. 2

This reviewer has 2-4 Indian runner ducks pets

Feeder - Richard, Cheshire,

Very happy with the feeder. 2

This reviewer has 4-6 Sussex lights, black pets

Good for small flock of hens - Young, Cheshire,

I had a larger Omlet feeder before but, with a maximum of 4 hens, it took ages to empty and it was difficult to clean. This is so much better - definitely big enough for 2 hens (which I have at the moment) and I think it will be fine for 4. The only thing is, you need to make sure that no rain can get to it, because the food gets wet easily. If you put it in a rain-proof part of the run, it's ideal. 2

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