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Brinsea Mini II Advance (7 hens eggs)

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Perfect for those new to egg incubation, the Mini II Advance provides the convenience of automatic turning with the reassurance of digital alarms and count-down to hatch day.

High visibility cabinet
Automatic egg turning
Biomaster™ anti-microbial plastic
External water top-up
Fan-assisted airflow
Digital temperature display in °C or °F
Countdown to hatch and auto-turn stop
Periodic egg cooling, room temperature alarm
Incubator temperature alarm
Power fail indicator
Programmable turn interval and angle
7 hen egg disk
Optional 12 egg small egg disk
3 year guarantee when registered online

Maximum Egg Capacities (approximate) as standard:
Quail: 7
Pheasant: 7
Hen: 7
Duck: 7
Goose: 0

Maximum Egg Capacities (approximate) assumes optional small egg disk available:
Quail: 12
Pheasant: 12
Hen: 7
Duck: 7
Goose: 0

Product weight (g): 1076
Product dimensions inc. PSU/power cable (mm): 245 x 244 x 165
Typical power consumption (Watts): 12
Maximum power consumption (Watts): 20

Customer Images

Call duckling hatched in our amazing Brinsea Incubator.
Our Buff Orpington Chicks
Brinsea incubator
2 Day old chicks hatched from the Brinsea Mini II Advanced
New flock of Lavender Pekins all 5 eggs hatched from the Brinsea Mini II
Hatched Lavender Pekin in the Brinsea Mini II Advance
Hatching Lavender Pekin

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Brinsea Mini II Advance (7 hens eggs)

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Great, easy to use, did the job!
Great product. Used it for duck eggs. Simple programming (watched the video first) reliable and effective
Review for: Brinsea Mini II Advance (7 hens eggs)
Fantastic product
Chris, Norfolk,
Best hatch rate I've ever had. Easy to use product. Great fast shopping from Omlet. Good customer service.
Review for: Brinsea Mini II Advance (7 hens eggs)
Wonderful Incubator
Bohao, Hawke's Bay,
Brought this to hatch quail eggs. Love it.
Review for: Brinsea Mini II Advance (7 hens eggs)
This reviewer has 6-8 Quail pets
working well
working at this present moment down to 2 days remaining. All's working well, set up nice and easy with a little help.
Review for: Brinsea Mini II Advance (7 hens eggs)
Joanna, Kent,
We tried last year to incubate some eggs in a cheap incubator without success and had a very disappointed 11 year old daughter. We bought the Brinsea Mini II Advance which came with the excellent viewer for candling at 10 and 18 days. We bought 6 Lavender Pekin eggs online and after allowing them to settle for 24 hours after their trip in the post, we set them into the incubator. 10 days later we had 5 embryos developing nicely. One egg was unfertilised and we removed that. At day 18 we re candled to see 5 very full eggs which had been happily wobbling away in the incubator. At day 20 our very first chick started to pip and by day 22 we had 5 beautiful Lavender Pekins. We now have 5, 3 week old bundles of mischief in the brooder and a very happy 11 year old! The incubator is very easy to use and the automatic turning was brilliant taking out all the worry of turning the eggs. The humidity was spot on, allowing each chick to hatch safely. We can't wait to use it again next Easter. Highly recommended.
Review for: Brinsea Mini II Advance (7 hens eggs)
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