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Nature's Grub Red Mite Powder 200g Puffer Bottle

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Nature's Grub Red Mite Powder (formally called Diatomaceous Earth) is a 100% natural product, prepared from the fossilised remains of ancient shell creatures so is totally inert and safe to humans and animals.

It can be used on animals, pets and birds against external parasites (lice, fleas, mites), internal parasites (worms), and for general good health. It increases digestibility of the feed when added to feed rations at 1-2% so will save on feed, as less undigested feed passes through the large intestine as waste matter. Can also be used as a mineral supplement for all animals and birds.

The red mite powder works mechanically rather than chemically so no immunity can be built up. As the mite crawl through the DE dust to get to the hens at night, the microscopically sharp shards that make up DE scratch the mite's waxy shell, thus causing them to slowly dehydrate and die.

We advise wearing gloves and a dustmask when applying DE as in some cases it can be a skin irritant.

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Nature's Grub Red Mite Powder 200g Puffer Bottle

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Red Mite Powder
Bought this powder as after many years of keeping poultry, red mites were becoming an all to regular presence in the coops etc. (Once they are in the coop, on the birds in the grass etc it is almost impossible to get rid of them!!! They can blow about on the slightest breeze and even the process of clearing out sawdust/bedding from the coop means you are dropping eggs and mites everywhere). As they breed so quickly, they build an immunity to pesticides quite fast so I used to find changing products/pesticide would work for a time but be ineffective eventually. One thing that DID work for many years was good old creosote. Really thickly applied and left to fully dry but it was banned sometime ago and creosote alternatives just DON'T have the same effect. Then I tried this powder from OMLET and I have to say that so far it has been working very well. Clean out your coop extremely well and incinerate/burn all the stuff you have taken out asap to kill mites and eggs before they can contaminate the grass or blow off in the breeze. Also disinfect the bucket/wheelbarrow/dustpan and brush you used to clean and transfer waste from coop as mites and eggs will cling to these and then be spread about as you go about doing other things. If you can, soak the brush in boiling water!!!!! Take out any removable items from coop such as perches. Mites love to collect in nooks and crannies and perches are a favourite. Hidden but close to the birds at night when they crawl out and feed on their blood. If possible give them a soak with boiling water. After coop is cleaned out give it a liberal dusting of the OMLET powder focusing on corners and joints or anywhere where there may be a gap (no matter how small mites will get in). Replace bedding for fresh. Always use something dust free as chicken lungs are susceptible to respiratory infections and are nothing like mammalian lungs. Scatter some of the powder in the bedding and focus on nest boxes. Powder the ends of the perches. That should be your coop complete. Dust the birds with the powder. Focus on the bottom around the vent (DO NOT PUFF ANY INTO THE VENT), and under the wings into the chickens armpits. Also think of adding to the chickens crumb/mash/pellets as the label says it can help with internal parasites. I feel that this OMLET powder has given me back control of my coops and chickens and I am extremely satisfied with it. Always remember to still check your coops and birds regularly for mites (red or other). Keeping on top of any infestation is the key to good husbandry and happy birds.
Review for: Nature's Grub Red Mite Powder 200g Puffer Bottle
No fuss in a bottle
Simon, West Sussex,
Quick and easy to use in the plastic squeezable puffer bottle. I haven't had mites (yet) but bought this to help prevent them from getting any and so far it's working great. Great price and quick delivery.
Review for: Nature's Grub Red Mite Powder 200g Puffer Bottle
Really Good
Seems to have kept the mites undercontrol
Review for: Nature's Grub Red Mite Powder 200g Puffer Bottle
Works well
This puffer bottle enables you to easily "dust" any surface -nesting box ,roosting bars or surface of run etc
Review for: Nature's Grub Red Mite Powder 200g Puffer Bottle
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