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Combi Cover for Walk in Run - 2m - Twin Pack

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Our Combi Covers are the perfect combination of transparent and heavy-duty shielding plastic. The opaque half offers shade and seclusion, while the clear half offers your chickens a view of the world beyond the run while allowing sunshine to permeate.

With continuous coverage, the entire cover offers protection from the elements so your pets can enjoy their run in any season. The Combi Cover is durable enough to last through several seasons, and comes complete with weather-resistant bungee hooks for quick and easy attachment to the run.

These covers each measure 97cm x 218cm and are compatible with both the Walk In Chicken Run and the Walk In Cat Enclosure.

To connect multiple covers: Overlap covers with roped edging facing away from typical wind direction, or facing downhill if on a slope. (Recommended spacing = 5cm).

Please note: Exact material and eyelet construction may vary.

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Combi Cover for Walk in Run - 2m - Twin Pack

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