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The Omlet Guide to Keeping Ducks

Ducks are the comedians of the bird world. Spending time in the company of ducks will have you laughing along with them as they quack and waddle about. Some breeds, such as the Campbell, will lay just as many eggs per year as chickens but with the added benefit that ducks are waterproof. With a little preparation they can live very happily in your garden. In this guide you will learn the basics of how look after ducks as well as some fascinating facts.

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Clint, 10 January 2020

I'm looking for some baby Muscovy ducklings can u help I live in Kingsport TN

Best, 3 October 2019

My neighbour has 20 ducks in her small garden and 26 hens the noise is terrible is it ok or can I complain?

Aristea, 6 March 2018

Love this

Kat, 18 May 2016

yes we were going to get a pond filter but then the rain just filled it up and it has not dried up yet but you really want to get a pond filter because the it gets all nasty and VERY smelly

Stewart, 10 May 2016

can one get a pond filter for ducks powerd by the sun

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